10 addresses for best dishes in Da Nang city

Da Nang city is not only famous for its wide and clean streets with no teahouses on the sidewalk or entertainment park on the Bana hills but this ideal city in Vietnam is also well known for its rich cuisine mixed of all creams of many regions. The development of Da Nang is leading to culinary becoming more and more varied and unique. Below are 20 dishes with their addresses Goasiadaytrip bloggers have enjoyed and picked out in the visits to this beautiful city:
1. Roll pork:

da nang city - roll pork

Tran restaurant – on Haiphong street is consistently delicious. Or Mau restaurant at 35 Do Thuc Tinh street.
2. Fresh seafood restaurant:

fresh seafood restaurant danang

“Ba Thoi” on Le Dinh Duong, My Hanh restaurant on the My Khe Beach.
3. Noodles with fish sauces:

noodles with fish sauces

“Ba Thuyen” on Le Duan street.
4. Quảng noodle:

quang noodle danang

1 Haiphong street.
5. Banh Canh:

banh canh danang city

 Just go along Nguyen Chi Thanh or soup bar cake, noodles, flour sold on the sidewalk (between hospitals C and Chi Lang Stadium)
6. Nậm Lọc cake:

nam loc cake

On Hoang Van Thu street.
7. Duck Porridge:

duck porridge

 Visit Phan Chu Trinh Street
8. Cao Lau + Hoi An chicken rice:

cao lau

The restaurant is located on the Le Dinh Duong street, opposite to Truc Lam Vien restaurant.
9. Rice pancake:

rice pancake danang

Duong Hoang Dieu restaurant the stadium Nguyen Tri Phuong
10. Rice paper soy:

rice paper soy

 Phan Chu Trinh street.

Besides, there are many other dishes for you if you have a long time to enjoy cuisine of this city. The tastes are typical of Vietnam foods with many flavors. The local people here are so hospitable and friendly. You don’t worry about the high price or impolite acts. Travelling combining with food tours is a journey worth experiencing once time when visit Vietnam.

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