24 hours of bicycle experiences in Penang

Penang of Malaysia is an island which still remains the imprint of many cultures: China, India, the UK, Malaysia native …, and it is a UNESCO heritage city of the world. To explore the colourful island with a long history, I would suggest to you start your trip by bicycle to be relaxed to enjoy a peaceful life and have unforgettable moments. Let’s go:

  1. Penang At 8.30 am

Start your day with a breakfast in Lebuh Chulia road. Fresh Bagel baked in the wood stove with a glass of drinking water is a perfect suggestion for you. You can find this dish in any cafe.

Lebuh chulia street of Penang
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Do not eat too much because you will regret if you can’t taste the fragrant and colorful dishes in the rest time of your day

  1. At 9.30 am

After enjoying breakfast, just cross the street and go to Lorong Carnarvon street where you will see lots of stalls selling fresh products at the market. This narrow street is home to a lot of exciting activities.

Lebuh-Carnarvon-street of Penang
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You should order a cup of special coffee and eat pastry specialities (including macaron cakes, tarts and cheese sticks).

  1. At 10.00 am

Lebuh Armenian is the paradise of the modern craft stores such as Studio Howard, Fuan wong carvings and jewelry store – Jonathan Yun. Meanwhile, Galeri Seni Mutiara is  displaying the works of arts. This narrow street showcases of artists who have reputations of Malaysia.


  1. At 12.00 pm

After exploring Lebuh Armenian, a simple lunch will give energy to you before you continue the journey to Penang in the afternoon. You will sit at one of traditional restaurants in Lebuh Armenian intersection – a great place to sample the famous street food.

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Find an table and sit with the natives. They will introduce to you the delicious food to enjoy and then order a cup of local coffee to enjoy a little caffeine with condensed milk.

  1. At 02.00 pm

Toward Lebuh Pantai coastal city is the Indian community. Along streets are many other artistic works made from metal. Little India is an area covered with colors, traffics and noise. Here is ideal to sip Madras coffee or flavor of Marsala tea, and revive with the traditional snack of India.

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  1. 03.00 pm

From Little India, just pedal to Lorong Stewart temple. On a tranquil street and Lebuh Muntri Street has a lot of delicious dishes to enjoy. Take a rest and enjoy some coffee, then back onto the road and stop at no.41 Living Story on Love Lane street to visit a store specializing in unique crafts of local.

  1. Shopping in Penang

Whether you like modern shopping malls or traditional markets or stalls, Penang will satisfy your requirements

George Tower is a great place for those who hunt for antiques and those who love the classic, this city is also home to one of the oldest markets and grocery store on the island. Taking inspiration from the ebb, the traditional craftsmen launched the modern and the unique works: carved nameplates, Chinese seals, jewelery, and many other items.

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  1. Penang at night

Penang became noisier than ever after the sunset. The shopping malls and stores are open to 10.00pm. Before the end of the night, you stomach lining with a snack at any street dining area or café.


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