5 Best food streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi attracts tourists not only by its natural beauty or its historical sites but also by its diverse cuisine that can make you not want to leave. Along with a thousand year of business growth is the development of the culinary and the growth of food streets. Now, let’s go and see which are the best and the most popular food streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.


Hang Buom is the favorite place for many local people
Hang Buom is the favorite place for many local people

Hang Buom is known as one of the best food streets of Hanoi. This old street is described like a small version of a modern and crowed Hanoi. Coming here, you’ll have chance to immerse yourselves in a food paradise ranging from traditional dishes to various delicacies from all over the world. Also, visitors can both enjoy the food at table or take them away. Besides, because the food street is open at the sane time with Night Market, Hang Buom is getting more and more popular.

Coming to Hang Buom food street, you also have chance to enjoy traditional music performance at Huong Tuong or Bach Ma temple. This also contributes to make Hang Buom more attractive and more different.


Ta Hien is often mentioned as a “Western Conjunction” inside the Old Quarter and also a street of beer for any beer lovers. This street has long been a place that many travelers choose to go for meet-ups and parties when visiting Hanoi.

Bustling night at Ta Hien Street - food streets of Hanoi
Bustling night at Ta Hien Street

At Ta Hien, you can hardly see any high-rise buildings to sit down but they’re all simply small shops on the pavement. It is easy to catch a sight of a crowd gathering right in front of a house door, on tiny plastic chair and enjoy cool fresh beer.

Food served on this “sleepless street” is also diverse. Although they’re just simple dishes, the cheery feeling it holds is tremendous. This kind of cheering atmosphere can be felt at any food streets of Hanoi and maybe it results from a little fact that many Vietnamese love chatting loudly during meals.

At night, Ta Hien is always crowded and noisy with people chatting, laughing or singing. However, there is also a time that even a Hanoian is surprised at the peaceful, tranquil and nostalgic atmosphere of this street.


A lot of food are sold in this famous market
A lot of food are sold in this famous market

Dong Xuan is the oldest, most famous and crowded market in Hanoi. It’s also known as a food paradise for not only Vietnamese but also for many tourists. At any time in a day, you can always come here to find and enjoy numerous delicacies including both main dishes and desserts.

The most famous dishes here are bun rieu oc and bun oc chuoi dau (noodle and snails), served with slightly sour soup and fatty snails. It is followed by bun cha kep que which is exactly the taste of Hanoi cuisine from ingredients to cooking method, all requires caution in every detail.


A corner of Ly Quoc Su Street
A corner of Ly Quoc Su Street

The fourth out of 5 best food streets of Hanoi is Ly Quoc Su. This street is famous for pho 10 Ly Quoc Su and well-known for its unique dishes that can satisfy even the most difficult guests. Ly Quoc Su has always been a food paradise for teenagers as well as travellers.

In hanoi, when it comes to tra chanh (lemonade tea), Ly Quoc Su street certainly cannot be missing. This street, especially in weekends, is always busy with tourists and lots of teenagers drinking tra chanh in small shop on the sidewalk.


It’s hard to find any streets that have nearly all kinds of delicacies from different countries in the world like in Nha Tho Street. Many people think that this street is a must among all things to do when visiting Hanoi.

A coffee shop in Nha Tho food street of Hanoi
A coffee shop in Nha Tho food street of Hanoi

On this street, you can both have a Thai coconut ice-cream and a Japanese dish, and then a pizza. If not, there are also many Vietnamese food stalls that can make any passer-by mouthwatering.

This street is also home to many lovely café in French style, hidden under old tree branches. To explore all these food streets of Hanoi, you just need a half-day tour of a night food tour.

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