5 best restaurants in Siem Reap

Are you planning your trip and looking for the best restaurants in Siem Reap?

Exploring Cambodia cuisine is a journey full of surprises. Especially, when it comes to Siem Reap, you’ll be immersed in a fascinating world of restaurants, ranging widely from home-style cooking in a traditional wooden house to contemporary experiments in Cambodian-European fusion. Here are top 5 best restaurants in Siem Reap recommended by GoAsiaDayTrip. Let’s check out together!

  1. Cuisine Wat Damnak

The lovely decoration of Cuisine Wat Damnak
The lovely decoration of Cuisine Wat Damnak

Opened in 2001, Wat Damnak is the first restaurant of Cambodia to be ranked in the Asia’s 50 best restaurants list and this is unquestionably a paradise for foodies. With a commitment to fresh local produce, almost all ingredients of Cuisine Wat Damnak are from nearby farms around Siem Reap. Standout dishes include crispy beef tongue with shiny cresson, ripe and pickled green papaya salad, garnished with herbs, edible flowers, fermented tomato sauce, beef and clam reduction; all are served in a traditional wooden Cambodian home, surrounded by trees, local herbs, artworks and handicrafts. To keep itself interesting, this is one of the few restaurants in Siem Reap that refresh their menu on a fortnight basis.

ADDRESS Wat Damnak Market Street, P.O. Box 93108

PHONE +855 77 347 762

  1. Marum

The design of restaurant brings the comfort for all guests coming there
The design of restaurant brings the comfort for all guests coming there

Another special one among all restaurants in Siem Reap is Marum which is run by Kaliyan Mith, an NGO offers training and employment to disadvantaged children. Marum is a two-storey traditional wooden villa sitting right next to Wat Polanka Pagoda, a short 10-minute tuk tuk ride from the Old Market area. The setting of this restaurant is a tranquil garden illuminated with fairy lights. Coming to Marum, your mouth will be watered before an extensive menu of vegetarian, seafood and meat tapas-style dishes. Highlights include red-tree ant beef and chilli stir-fry and mini crocodile burgers.

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 22:00

Address: 8A, B Slokram Village, Siem Reap

Tel: +855 17 363 284

  1. Bugs Café – Among the most special restaurants in Siem Reap

You can have chance to challenge yourself with many scared food
You can have chance to challenge yourself with many scared food

If someone asks me “What are the most special restaurants in Siem Reap?” my answer will definitely be Bugs Café. This unique restaurant is located quite near the Angkor Night Market, just three-minute away to walk. Its name is not a metaphor and it literally serves dishes made from bugs like crickets, scorpions, grasshoppers, ants, bees, silkworms, and spiders. Standing out on the menu are scorpion and green papaya salad, tarantula donuts, Mediterranean Feuillet’s with ants, and savoury cupcakes garnished with crickets and silkworms. With an air-conditioned lounge on the ground floor and a cosy traditional wooden terrace on the second, Bug Cafe will promisingly bring you an exotic dinning experience that you can hardly get at any other restaurants in Siem Reap.

Opening Hours: Daily 17:00 – late

Address: 351, Thmey Village, Angkor Night Market Street, Siem Reap

Tel: +855 17 764 560

  1. Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant

Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant - Restaurants in Siem Reap

If you are looking for a healthy bite in Cambodia, Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant is made for you – “A lovely venue with a very calm and pretty garden setting”. Perhaps a lot of restaurants in Siem Reap have a garden setting and this may not be a standout feature anymore. The thing that makes Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant unique is that this vegetarian restaurant uses seasonal vegetables to offer 100% vegetarian cuisine to support vegetarianism-environment awareness, health and the animals’ right. With its own farm surrounding, this local restaurant of Wat Bo Village grows it own vegetables to provide healthy meals. Price ranges from 2.50 USD to 5 USD. The menu is a mix of Western and Asian with standouts including quesadilla (US$4) served with guacamole, vegetable amok (US$3.50) with steamed rice, and vegan eggplant tempura (US$3). If you’re looking for vegan restaurants in Siem Reap, don’t waste your time to search around, hurry up to try out this amazing one!

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday 11:00 – 21:30

Address: Road 26, Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap

Tel: +855 85 330 160

  1. Mie Café

Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant - Restaurants in Siem Reap
Food and drink there area very eye-catching

Mie Café is considered as paradise for foodie, listed among one of the most tranquil restaurants in Siem Reap. Located just off the road to Angkor, Mie Café features gourmet cuisine in a serene garden setting. The Khmer traditional house with outdoor patio and a garden creates such a refreshing atmosphere to enjoy the treats. Standout dishes include beef laab salad, tuna tartar, and curry with prawn ravioli. With a mix of Asian flavours, western techniques and family secret, dishes made by Chef Pola are surprisingly original and creative, which makes Mie Café one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap.
Opening Hours: 11am-2pm & 5.30-10pm Wed-Mon

Address: near Angkor Conservation

Tel: 0699990961.

These are top 5 places for a nice meal in Siem Reap. You can read more information about activities and services by GoAsiaDayTrip here.


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