7 Bangkok Night Markets You Must Try

Hunt for cheap and beautiful things in Bangkok Night Markets. You can find jewelry, accessories, lovely clothing or the unique antiques that nowhere has to bring back home as gifts.

There is a note when visiting the night market in Bangkok is that you should avoid shopping on Monday. On this day the pavement hawker shops are prohibited. Therefore, many night markets in Bangkok operate sparsely or not open on Monday.

Khao San

Bangkok Night Markets

Khao San, familiar area to any visitor when travel to Bangkok, It is not only ideal for exploring the Thai cuisine with variety of street foods such as strange delicious noodles (pad thai) or Chang beer, cool beer Singha of Thailand… Come here, you can find a lot of souvenirs, diverse genres from dresses, shoes to pretty jewelry with very pleasant prices. Spend an evening stroll on the bustling and crowded streets, you will be able to sell some interesting items there.

Besides, there are two popular bars on Khao San street:  Hippie de Bar and Brick Street Bar. They are also the great place attracting more tourists to this area.

Khao San Street connect with Tanao and Chakrabongse near Ratchadamnoen Klang Road. Ask any taxi driver or tuk tuk driver they can also take you there.

Khao San operate 24/7. During the day a range of food stalls were opened to serve visitors who come to Khao San, but when the sun set, the music emerged and begin becoming bustling area, like a carnival. Only until 11:00 pm it may start calming down.

Silom – Patpong

Bangkok Night Markets

Being simple shopping downtown during the day, but in evening Silom suddenly turned into the tourism center with many activities for visitors with the shops opened right on the sidewalk, selling mainly souvenirs and knockoff accessories.

In parallel with Silom is Patpong, shopping malls and popular entertainment that many people still often reminded that if you were not in Patpong you shall be deemed to not know any about Bangkok. These red light streets are home to more than 100 bars, massage, karaoke … and night market attracts tourism with various souvenir items.

Silom lasted from Dusit Thani Hotel in corner of Dusit Thani to the river bank at Charoenkrung street. You look should catch a sky train trip to Sala Daeng station and get off at the middle way.

The hawker at Silom is only open from about 18:00 pm to 1 am Tuesday to Sunday, while Patpong red light streets operate until 2am every day in week.

Pak Khlong Talat

Bangkok Night Markets

Unlike the noisy, boisterous night markets selling food and souvenirs, Pak Khlong Talat is a special market in Bangkok, gives visitors a feeling of pleasant, comfortable with stalls selling fresh colorful flowers and soothing fragrance spread in the air.

Come here, you can find a lot of nice little bonsai pots or variety of fresh flowers such as marigold, jasmine, roses are skillfully combined into garlands, or orchids are picky bunch.

Besides, Pak Khlong Talat Market also sells betel nuts, vegetables, fresh fruit and pretty good serving drinks such as lavender soft drinks.

The market is located along the Maharat road, near the fork between Chakraphet street and Saphan Phut  night market. From Saphan Taksin stop station, you sail to Saphan Phut port or faster by taking taxis.

Market is open 24/24 a day, especially exciting after 2am.



Outdoor night market Ratchayothin  is place where serves local people or those who want to kill time while waiting to see movies at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin theaters nearby. The items sold here are mostly clothes (following the trend of Japan and South Korea), cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, toys and many other phone accessories with a very affordable price.

When shopping you should carry cash, but especially in Ratchayothin, there are some stores can pay by credit card.

At Ratchayothin area there is also a jazz bar for those who have no interest in shopping can explore.

Market is next to the Cineplex Ratchayothin theater. The nearest stations are Mo Chit and Phahonyothin, from there you can ask taxi or motorcycle driver to go a little further.

Night market opens from 16h to 23h pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Saphan Phut


The night market near Memorial Bridge (also known as Saphan Phut) is attracting place to a lot of local youth, especially those who do not have much money because in here, they sell secondhand goods which are nice and cheap. A lot of goods and services provided college students, from pipe to handbags, from tattoos to t-shirts.

The area under the bridge is a favorite meeting place for young people Bangkok and here you can also find a cartoonist who will illustrate your humorous images with very cheap price.

Especially in this area there are very delicious squid egg dishes that you should try. Then you can take the stairs leading to the bridge to watch the beautiful scenery of the Chao Phraya River.

You go near the memorial bridge, located at the junction intersect by the road traffic and Chakraphet Maharat. From Saphan Taksin stops station, you can sail to Saphan Phut port or take a taxi.

The market opens from Tuesday to Sunday. The starting stalls open from approximately 18:00, but from 20:00 to 2:00 it is really crowded.

Ratchada Night Bazaar



Ratchada Night Market is the place for antique car enthusiasts, with the collection of antiques and fashion accessories for motorcycles. Market is also known as the “Vespa Market”, the classic Vespa motorbikes are sold throughout the market.

Those nostalgic can find everything here such as gramophone, records, typewriters and everything toys, cameras, fans, posters from the old times. Clothing and old books are sold quite well in the Ratchada market.

Come intersection of Ladprao and Rachadapisek then catch the train to the Ladprao station get out by the gate number 1.

Market starts at around 18:00 in Saturday evening weekly, but it is only bustling from 20:00 onwards till past midnight.

Talad Rot Fai


Items are sold in Talad Rot Fai are the old toys, the Matchbox cars, old furniture or those clips from Soviet times … Souk gives visitors an ancient romantic space with red-brown bulbs hung over the market make vague and cozy feeling.

Even if you do not want to buy anything, this is still a fun place for you to hang out or stroll with friends, then may be stop at a small pub nearby and enjoy classical music performances of the year 1950.

Catch the train to Kamphaengphet station, turn right at the door first you will see market area is located on the right.

Market opens from 14 pm to midnight Saturday and Sunday.




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