8 “Don’t” things when travelling to Thailand

Not to rub other people’s heads, not to hug in public or not to touch munks’ body, etc are all the things tourists should note down before travelling to Thailand to avoid troubles.

Thailand is among the most popular tourist attractions in the world due to its natural beauty and low price. This “Golden Temple Country” is well-known for many stunning landscapes, magnificent temples, amazing fantasy parks, unique traditional festivals, countless low-price shopping opportunities in busy shopping centers and tasteful cuisine. Travelling to Thailand with just 200-300 USD can bring you an amazing experience.

Thai people is always open-hearted to welcome tourists from every part of the world, people here are really lovely. However, there are things you should avoid when travelling to Thailand.

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    Don’t wear clothes show too much skin when travelling to Thailand

Dress politely when visiting temples and pagodas if you dont want to force to go out.
Dress politely when visiting temples and pagodas if you dont want to force to go out.

Thailand has many temples and pagodas with a large number of believers. Most people here worship Buddha. Therefore, even though the young can dress to their preferences, everyone should dress properly and neatly when going to pagodas, especially girls shouldn’t wear short skirts, shorts or wear to thick make-up.

  1. Don’t speak ill of or jest about the King and his royal family

Travelling to Thailand, you must never have a disdain or a jesting attitude when talking about the Thai Royal. This is not only about culture but also about the law. Every Thai person has his own respect and admire towards the King and the Royal family. When travelling to Thailand, you’ll see a lot of the King’s pictures and his family even when he was small. Some pictures are present at the airports or on billboards in the highways.

  1. Don’t touch the monk’s body

When travelling to Thailand, remember to behave respectably to monks
When travelling to Thailand, remember to behave respectably to monks

When travelling to Thailand, you’ll see about 90% of Thai people are Buddhists so the Buddha and monks are either not a topic for anyone to jest about. Also, no matter how you’re dying for a photo shoot, keep in mind to avoid taking photos right next to a Buddha statute. Moreover, it’s a taboo for women to touch monks in this country. Therefore, female travelers should remember to be careful and avoid close contacts with any monks. If a woman wants to give something to a monk, she must ask a man to do so.

  1. Don’t rub the head of another person

Don't rub other people's head

Thai people think that head is the noblest part on the body of a human being. So, rubbing or touching the head of other people is considered rude, even if it’s the head of a child. Maybe touching other people’s heads will make your travelling to Thailand less comfortable.

  1. Don’t put your feet on the table

Thai people consider feet as the dirtiest part on the body of a human being so don’t put your feet on any tables. When travelling to Thailand, don’t use your foot to point anything or touch anybody because this is also considered rude. Furthermore, when crossing your legs, it’s essential not to put your legs towards other people, Buddha statue and also the King’s pictures.

  1. Don’t get in a taxi with an agreed price

Please always ask driver to turn on kilometer alarm
Please always ask driver to turn on kilometer alarm

All Bangkok taxis are required to have meters to show distance and cost, and all taxi-fare deals are illegal in Thailand. So, when travelling to Thailand, remember to get in only taxis with meters. Also, never forget to bring some change because normally drivers don’t have enough to pay the excess amount back.

  1. Don’t display affection in public

Again, many Thai people are Buddhists so it’s a taboo to hug, to kiss or to show intimacy in public places. So, if you don’t want people to change to an unfriendly attitude, pay attention to your acts.

  1. Don’t speak loudly in public

Thai people are quite soft and gentle, even when talking. Hence, you should try not to talk too loud in public places like restaurants or pagodas. Also, during your travelling to Thailand, you should never whistle at midnight because Thai people think that whistling at midnight brings bad luck like calling for dead spirits.

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