9 customs you must know in Thailand

Thailand is known as the ancient Buddhist country with thousands of rituals and customs. Before traveling to the Golden Temple country, you need to know the following customs to avoid having trouble when you are in this beautiful country.

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    Women are not allowed to give anything directly to the monk.

Women are not allowed to give directly to the monks

It sounds strange, but it’s true. Women have to pass through a man or a monk with a towel to hold the object. Therefore, female visitors should avoid touching the monk in crowded places to avoid taking strange eyes from the surroundings. Monks in Thailand are quite many. When you meet them you should avoid trampling on the shadow of the monk because Thailand people think that the shadows are themselves. Therefore, trampling on the shadow is also trampling on the body of the monk.

  1. You must be careful when talking about the king.

Thailand King and Queen

Thai take pride in the king and the royal family so that you do not show any joking or disrespectful behavior about them if you do not want to be punished.

  1. You should pay attention not to use the left hand to give items to others.

This is the same as in the Buddhist country of Manmar. Thai people think their left hand is not clean so should not be used when giving gifts to the enemy. In that case, giving gifts by hand must show the necessary respect to the recipient.

In case you don’t know, in Vietnam, people don’t have as many manners as Thai people do. For example, if you have a Halong bay tour from Hanoi, you just need casual clothes!

In Thailand’s gift-giving customs there are also things to pay attention. The gift should be wrapped carefully. You should not open the gift in front of the giver and put your hands in front of your chest to express your gratitude.

  1. Anyone can not step on money.

Thailand's money

In Thai money has the king image. Meanwhile, the people of Golden Temple country solemnly respect the royal so even stepping on the Bath money will be considered offensive to the king. If you are acting deliberately, you can be jailed for a few days!

  1. If you do not want to be seen as strangers, visitors should not rub the head of others.

One of the serious customs that you should know is on't rub ti theaf

The head is considered the most valuable part of human beings. Therefore, you should not touch or rub the head of others if you do not want to be thought of acting offensive. Whether or not the child is cute, you should not take this “babysitter” action.

  1. When visiting any restaurant or shop, visitors should not use their hands to call service.

This action will be considered rude, disrespectful to others. Instead, you should hold your hand when calling. The people here also use the hand or foot to point to objects or anyone because it is the act of contempt, bad.

  1. If you visit indigenous people, visitors should not step over the door.

This is a historical act to avoid causing dissatisfaction with Thai people.

  1. The costume of the Thai people during the week

Yellow costume is considered as the respect to the King

One of the great Thai customs, derived from legend every day of the week, represents a particular color of catch. Not all of them adhere to this custom but you can easily see many people wearing yellow on Monday to celebrate the birth of the king or blue on Friday to celebrate the birth of the queen.

  1. Giving custom

When giving gifts in Thailand, gifts are never wrapped in green, black and blue paper because these colors are related to funerals. Similarly, never choose marigold flowers or carnations because these two flowers also reminiscent of the funeral. According to Thai culture, the best gifts are chocolate, suitable flowers or fruits.


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