A special ‘silent’ teahouse in Ancient Hoi An town – Reaching out

Reaching out teahouse is located in the Ancient Town Hoi An and especially, it impresses guests that the staff here are all deaf. Because of the special, the teahouse is a certain point I must visit in my journey. And 2-hour experience of mine here was really pleasant and worth spending time in the town.
Located on Tran Phu Street, surrounding teahouse Reaching Out is many of clothing, leather goods and other food stores. Therefore, if you don’t look closely, it will be very easy to overlook.

When I step in, the first thing I see is a frame grab the words “Beauty of Silence” written calligraphy hung in the main space of the restaurant. Teahouse is quiet and relaxing, which opposed to Hoi An streets with the crowded of tourists and stores. The bar staff are deaf. They serve guests by gestures hearted and friendly. Customers can feel the beauty of silence in that space.
Look around it’s easy to see the shop is divided into many different spaces to choose but all are located under one roof built with style of the ancient tradition of Hoi An. There is a main space and two extra spaces outside together with the small garden area. People who like watching the streets can choose the main space with the table overlooking Tran Phu Street. If traveling in a group of 3 to 5 people, choose the large table. For groups of two couples who love open space or close to nature, the table in the courtyard is very suitable for chatting.

teahouse hoi an
Decoration in the shop also shows highly refined and traditional. Furniture is deep colour furniture, and beverages, especially tea, packed in beautiful ceramic cups. Flowers adorned each table are the wildflowers. Beverages here usually include herbal teas, jasmine, oolong, juice and coffee. Beverage prices range from 2 – 5 USD/drink. Diners can ask some cakes served with sipping tea or coffee. Guests will not have problems in communicating with staff because on each table has a tray of wood pellets for require accompanied by a small pad and pencil. You just need to write down the request, staff will implement immediately.
The peaceful atmosphere of this space makes me feel so tranquil and comfortable that I try to stay more time to open my notebook and write down some words about my journey, and this nice shop. All will create unforgettable memories in bustle life.

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