Filipino Adobo – Best Filipino Food To Make Your Day

Adobo is considered as the best Filipino food and a signature of Filipino cuisine. This dish is so popular in the Philippines that sometimes it is called as the national staple food. Adobo means “marinade” in Spanish. The name of this dish is actually given by Spanish invaders during the 16th century when they see that traditional cooking method practiced by Filipino natives.

Filipino Adobo - Best filipino food
Filipino chicken adobo

Best Filipino food ever

Adobo originates from the basic need for preserving Filipino food in warm weather. There are many regional variants of this food but main ingredients always include meat, garlic, black pepper/ peppercorn, soy sauce and vinegar. The spice from garlic or pepper, the salt from soy sauce and the acid from vinegar are all combined into a kind of tasty marinade which is a perfect environment to prevent bacteria from damaging the food too. Apart from the above mentioned basic ingredients, bay leaves are often used to add more flavor. Traditional Filipino food is normally cooked in a clay pot but it’s quite rare to see this method today.

Main ingredients of this dish
Main ingredients of this dish

The meat used in this traditional Filipino food can be any kinds ranging from pork, beef to chicken. Besides these, seafood or even vegetables are also used to replace meat. The main ingredient will be simmered until tender and tasteful. The cooking time should become. at one hour. The longer you cook, the more delicious it will become. Moreover, people of Southern Luzon also use coconut milk and chilli to cook with adobo. Fish sauce (or patis) is also used to enhance flavors in some regions.

It deserves 10 point of good taste
It deserves 10 point of good taste

Making a good adobo dish is not simple as it may seem. In the cooking of this traditional Filipino food, the amount of seasonings counts and even the time to cover pots also matters. For example, too much vinegar will make adobo taste like sour stew meat but too little vinegar will turn it into boiled meat. Also, the first 10 minutes seems to be an ideal time to uncover the pot. For the rest of the process, all needs to be covered.

Adobo eat with hot rice is the best
Adobo eat with hot rice is the best

Filipino adobo is always served with hot rice as a main course and it is such a wise choice for any ideas of Filipino dishes for lunch. Maybe you’ll be in love with it after your first bite and maybe you would want to take the recipe home. So, here I am gonna present to you a basic adobo recipe. Let me know if this can be listed among other Filipino food recipes for dinner!

Filipino Adobo Recipe: 


  1. Garlic, green chiles
  2. 4 chicken thighs
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. White vinegar
  5. 5 bay leaves (dried)
  6. Black pepper (ground)
  7. Hot cooked rice

The step-by-step guide to cook this Filipino food:

Step 1: Process raw materials including garlic, chiles and chicken.

Step 2: Heat vegetable oil in a medium pot (Dutch oven) then add the chicken to cook. Lift chicken pieces once or twice, let the fat come out from chickens. In about 7 to 10 minutes, the skin will be crisp. After that, put all chickens aside.

Step 3: Mix white vinegar (3/4 cup) with soy sauce (3/4 cup) and brown sugar (1 tbsp). Add bay leaves, garlic and chile. Then, simmer all. After the mix boils, reduce heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. Add some pepper.

Step 4: Add chickens to the marinade. Cook until meat is tender (about 40 minutes). Remember to adjust the heat and turn chickens upside down. Cook until the liquid is rich and your Filipino dish is nearly done.

Put chicken on a clean dish with hot rice and enjoy your Filipino adobo. I hope you will have lots of fun making this best Filipino food!

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