Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour – The magnificent singing

Updated July, 2022

Vietnam travel map in October calls plenty of impressive destinations along the country. The northern part contributes with the poetic Sapa, Ha Giang, Ninh Binh, Ha Noi, Halong Bay. The middle part has some dominant names such as Hue, Hoi An, Danang. The southern part helps expand the map with Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong River Delta and Phu Quoc Island. All brings a variety of experiences to visitors. But hold on for a second, can you hear the magnificent singing from Ban Gioc Waterfall? Let’s take on a Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour to discover with us!

1. About Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfall:

Ban Gioc Waterfall is situated in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province, about 90 km from the province center and 400 km from Hanoi City. This is a border waterfall between Vietnam and China and belongs to the famous landscape system of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark which has been recognized as UNESCO in 2014.

Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour
Ban Gioc Waterfall – Photo from Hoang Tuan

Located on the flow of Que Son River, Ban Gioc Waterfall is like a fairy-tale place consisting of 2 waterfalls with a total width of up to 200 m. The main waterfall in the north is about 100 m wide and 70 m high with 3 different 34 m cascades. The secondary waterfall in the south has less water than the main waterfall. From distance, each waterfall falls down creating a lot of white foam that looks like soft white silk strips across the hill.

Some surprising facts about the splendid waterfall:

  • Ban Gioc is the 4th largest border waterfall in the world after Iguazu between Brazil and Argentina, Victoria between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Niagara between Canada and the US. It is the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia.
  • Claimed to be one of the 10 most spectacular waterfalls in the world, according to Touropia travel site.
  • It is listed in top 5 waterfalls with many legends voted by the Vietnam Record Organization.

2. When is the best time for a Ban Gioc waterfall day tour?

The climate in Cao Bang – home to Ban Gioc Waterfall is divided into 2 distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. The rainy season starts from June to September. This is also the time when the waterfall pours a lot of white foam and is suitable for Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour, especially in August – September.

Ban Gioc Waterfall in rainy season - ban gioc waterfall day tour
Ban Gioc Waterfall in rainy season – Photo from baomoi

Waterfall in the dry season has a completely different appearance. The waterfall during dry season is quite peaceful. The golden rice fields at the foot of the waterfall create such a romantic and picturesque scene for the area.

Ban Gioc at starry night - ban gioc waterfall day tour
Ban Gioc at starry night – Photo from vnexpress

Day and night, the waterfall swells down on the flat rocks, causing countless tiny particles of water. At the foot of Ban Gioc Waterfall is a river with wide and mirror-like surface. On sunny days, the water foam creates a sunlight illumination bringing a shimmering and magical rainbow.

Enjoy to the fullest your journey to the northern part with a Sapa tour from Hanoi or Ha Giang tour 3 days in its buckwheat flower season.

3. How to get to Ban Gioc waterfall?

You can get to Ban Gioc Waterfall by car, bus, coach or motorbike.

Coach: You can go to My Dinh or Giap Bat bus station to catch the coach to Cao Bang. The journey may take 8-9 hours. When arriving at Cao Bang Bus Station, you then take another coach to Ban Gioc, then rent a motorbike, grab a taxi to Ban Gioc Waterfall.

My Dinh Bus Station
My Dinh Bus Station – Internet photo

Motorbike: Motorbike is a popular way many Vietnamese young people use to depart for the stunning waterfall. If you choose motorbike, you can refer to one of the following 2 routes to head to Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang:

  • Route 1: Hanoi City – Thanh Tri Bridge – Hanoi – Thai Nguyen Express way – Bac Kan Province – National Road No. 3 – Cao Bang center.
  • Route 2: Take the old National Road No. 3: Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang.

Another way is to join a Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour 3 days 2 nights with GoAsiaDayTrip. You’ll discover a lot more interesting attractions in Cao Bang and Bac Can provinces and transportation is included in the trip.

Ba Be Lake in Bac Can
Ba Be Lake in Bac Can – An attraction in Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour
– Photo from daidoanket

And now welcome you to the breathtaking Ban Gioc. You can now admire the majestic waterfall pouring white foam day and night. If you come here this October you can watch the amazing scenery of the waterfall and the golden rice fields in their harvest season. More interestingly, you can take a raft ride to get closer to the foot of Ban Gioc Waterfall. The price is VND 50,000 / person. The 20 square-meter raft will bring you nearer to watch the entire superb waterfall.

Raft ride on river - ban gioc waterfall day tour
Raft ride on river – Photo from tinmoi

4. More places to visit in a Ban Gioc Waterfall day tour:

Pac Po Cave:

This cave which belongs to a large mountain range was once the place where Ho Chi Minh President lived and led the country’s revolutionary activities. In front of the cave, there is a small stream with clear water that was named Lenin Stream by Uncle Ho.

Nguom Ngao Grotto:

About 3 km from Ban Gioc Waterfall is Nguom Ngao Grotto situated in the heart of a mountain in Cao Bang which has the total length of up to 2144 m with 3 main gates including Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom and Ban Thuon.

Thang Hen Lake:

Thang Hen is a freshwater lake systems containing 36 lakes with Thang Hen to be the biggest lake among all. Located in Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province, this tourist destination attracts visitors with both its beautiful scenery and its folk legend of Mr. Sung and Ms. Booc.

Cao Bang with its thrilling Ban Gioc Waterfall helps form an ideal travel map in the northern part of Vietnam this October. It’s now time for you to create your own journey. For instant support, you can contact via:

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Wish you have a wonderful time with Vietnam trips!

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