Best attractions in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and one of developing cities in IndoChina as well as South East Asia. Currently, when government has been making plans in pushing tourism in overall, Phnom Penh also becomes a part of this plan with many attractions surrounding the city. The core for this orientation is because of its historical values it featured during a long time.

Now, let’s see best attractions visitors always list as must-see places on their travellings:

  1. Choeung Ek and Toul Sleng Genocidal Center


It must be well known that Cambodian in general as well as PhnomPenh people used to be suffered the pain caused by the Khmer Rouge. The crimes made about 14,000 innocent people fall down and many of them were women and children. They were killed in the most barbaric ways and be buried under the mass graves. These two sites were places where the genocide of the Khmer Rouge took place and now on are famous attractions for tourists. Should the crimes of which are hurts many Cambodians as well as visitors unforgettable so they would like to come here for lessons on life and learn to live away from sin.

  1. Daughters of Cambodia visitor centre


It’s worth shopping or dropping by for meals. The shop is at 1st floor at which they sell beautiful crafts, clothes and accessories. Then, upstairs is the restaurant with nice cafe, great views and atmosphere. Many people like it because of both delicious dishes and friendly staffs it have. Many young women have been saved and provided the jobs by this shop, which makes it more extradinary.

  1. Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

royal-palace- phnom penh

One of must-see things to see in this city is the old Royal Palace. Inspite of not being used by The Royal family, it’s still well maintained standing stunning and gorgeous temples and architecture. You take US$10 to go in for about 2 hours visiting and admire its structures. Some of its typical constructions concludeThrone Hall, Khemarin palace, Chanchhaya Pavilion, Hor Samran Phirun, Villa Kantha Bopha… You will walk around to see all sets of buildings and take very nice photos with them.

  1. Silver Pagoda


Located next to Royal Palace and separated by a walled warkway, it’s the pagoda where the King meets with monks and listen to their semon. The Pagoda is so beautiful and you can got the feeling of peace when visit Wat Preah Keo Marokat, Ramayana Frescoes, …or pray when standing before Statue of King Norodom or stupa of Princess or King Norodom …or even model Angkor Wat temple…

  1. Central Market


Listed at the position of no.5 is Central market. It’s ideal for a visit combined between sightseeing and shopping because it’s quite big. Here you can find a ton things to buy from accessories to clothes, shoes…any items. However, note that you must bargain to avoid buy something at the very high price you didn’t expected.  There are always available with tuktuk drivers when you want to come back the hotel.

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