Best beautiful beaches in Hue City

The sandy beaches with cool gentle streams and magnificent cascades are available to giving travelers the fresh feelings in Hue on hot days.

1.Lang Co Beach

lang co beach
Lang Co Beach – Hue City

Located 70km away from Hue city to the south and 20km north of Da Nang City, Lang Co Beach has long been famous as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, with more than 10 km long white sand beach and blue sea water. In the period from April to July, the atmosphere in Lang Co Beach is very pleasant and cool and suitable for taking part in some interesting activities like fishing, diving and also enjoy some cheap local seafood dishes.

2. Thuan An Beach

thuan an beach
Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach far from the center of the city about 30 minutes by motorbike. It has 12 km beach long with gentle waves lapping will bring you fresh, relax and peaceful feelings. Visitors often arrive here around April to September when the weather is hottest. You can rent a tent, immerse in the wilderness right on the beach and swim in the cooling water. At night, visitors can stroll along the beach, or enjoy the taste of fresh seafood grilled over charcoal.

3. Canh Duong Beach

canh duong beach
Canh Duong Beach – Hue

Stretching over 8000 meters, 200 meters wide with white sandy beach, shady casuarinas and clear blue sea … All create dreamlike natural surroundings to captivate many tourists’ hearts. Visiting Canh Duong Beach to enjoy its beauty, cool fresh air and forget about the busy working and hustle of everyday life. In addition, visitors will also be tempted by the diversity fresh seafood dishes with very affordable prices as steamed crab, squid, shrimp, fish…

4. Ham Rong Beach

ham rong beach
Ham Rong Beach

Located in Vinh Hien Commune (Phu Loc District), Ham Rong Beach is an address that many travelers who once visit were eager to have the opportunity to come back. Although not many people know about Ham Rong Beach as the Lang Co Beach, Canh Duong Beach or Thuan An Beach, but this place has a pretty good location, poetic landscape with Linh Thai high mountains with green patches of land.

Still lush water and beautiful view but it’s not a beach. It’s our Halong bay with thousand of islands! We know you will be interested in our Halong bay day tour

There are 3 beaches here which are Ham Rong, Dong Duong, and Bai Dam. Besides, the sea at Ham Rong is always clear with some large rocks stacked together, created a beautiful natural scenery, visitors can swim and camping here.

5. Truoi Lake

truoi lake
Truoi Lake in Hue

From Hue City to the Truoi Bridge in Loc Hoa Commune, Phu Loc District, turn right around 10km you will see the Bach Ma peak sink in white clouds all year round. Big Truoi Lake located beneath the Bach Ma Mountain run out of sight. There are four streams falling into the lakes are Hop Hai Stream, Vung Thong Stream, Ong Vien and Ba Trai Stream, each springs have the different characteristic beauty. During the hot weather, hundreds of visitors come here for picnicking, soaking in cool spring waters, fishing and also enjoying grilled fish that you have caught.

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