Best honeymoon destination Southeast Asia


Best honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia

A honeymoon vacation is definitely the most expected part after a wedding, especially since it is the marking start of a couple’s family life. Different husbands and wives may look for different features in a honeymoon, such as long beaches with crystal clear blue water and golden silky sand, or for adventurous experiences that they will  never forget for the rest of their lives. No matter what they are looking for, these listed places are undoubtedly the best honeymoon destinations in the region of Southeast Asia.


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1. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

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Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand

There’s nowhere else that could provide such a unique and unforgettable experience like this camping place in Thailand. Absolutely lying among the best honeymoon destinations, the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle has such an irreplaceable charm, such as the thatched-roof tents decorated with handcrafted furniture or unusual claw-foot tubs. Those who love exploration and discovery will surely find themselves in this place in the middle of the Golden Triangle, where the three countries Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.

best honeymoon
Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

The fresh atmosphere in this camp will leave your mind soothing and comfortable just like being at home. The region is also known for the wild animals and lots of outdoors activities such as bird watching, jungle trekking, bamboo rafting or simply visiting fields of tea plantation or going picnic near the river. Do not forget to grab a private dinner with wine in the Wine Cellar, or make your night sparkle with the popular lemongrass cocktails in Burma Bar, and most specially, enjoy your breakfast with tea and coffee in a platform just above the wild elephants’ habitat.

Just visit Chiang Rai in Thailand, then the Golden Triangle is only about one and a half hours driving from that.

Website: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle


2. Qi Palawan

Location: El Nido, The Philippines

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Qi Palawan

Known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, El Nido, Palawan is absolutely a heaven on earth, and easily falls in the list of the best honeymoon destinations without a doubt. There’s no need for plenty of bucks to make your dream vacation come true, this island is utterly within your budget. This place is well known for its romantic beaches along with majestic karst mountains, couples can find luxurious hotels with no struggle. Among the numerous gorgeous hotels and resorts, Cauyan Resort, which stays hidden on an island off the coast, or the seven-cottage Qi Palawan staying in the northern corner of the island with untouched forests are unquestionably among the most wonderful places for newlyweds.

The best way to get there is to fly straight from Manila to El Nido airport, as you will save both time and energy for the most memorable holidays of your life together with your significant other.

Website: Qi Palawan


3. Raja Ampat Expedition

Location: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat Expedition

With a total of 612 islands according to official figures, the Raja Ampat Islands staying in the northwest area of West Papua are an archipelago in Indonesia. Lots of sublime jungle, beaches with marvelous coral reefs and ancient caves plus rock paintings are the most impressive points that make this place one of the best honeymoon locations for nature lovers. This is also an ideal destination for those who are deeply in love with the marine life, since there is nothing better than diving, sailing, or just sunbathing on the beach. Especially, do not forget to pass by Amanikan or Amandira, two high-end cruisers operated by Aman hotels that offer top-notch services that will definitely make your holiday fulfilled.

It is nowhere near difficult to reach Raja Ampat. Just fly straight to Sorong in West Papua and get on a boat to reach here.

Website: Raja Ampat Expedition


No matter whether you are seeking your best honeymoon experiences or not, note down these places in your bucket list. These heavens on earth are not at all faraway, and some of them offer affordable prices as well. It is guaranteed that you will find the moments of your life at these destinations.

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