Best Hue Restaurants You Must Visit

Food is always one of the things that travelers are most concerned about when travel to others city. Here are some best restaurants in Hue city for you to refer to:

1.Hue Restaurants – Cung Dinh Restaurant

hue restaurants - cung dinh restaurant
Cung Dinh Restaurant

Hue Restaurants – The first restaurant that any visitors should come and try is Cung Dinh Restaurant, this place will bring you authentic atmosphere of the royal palace. You will feel like living in immemorial time with ancient atmosphere and scenery. You can also have the chance to dress like King Nguyen Dynasty and dine with the rites of the ancient times, immerse in traditional music and dance under parasols the guards and the dedicated service of the women…
Address: 51 Le Loi Street, Hue City, Vietnam.

2. Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant

tinh gia vien restaurant
Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant

Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant has a special location, situated right in the Imperial Citadel, which formerly guarded area by the royal guards in ancient times. The restaurant reminds diners feel like straying into magnificent palace with gentle atmosphere but also solemn like a banquet of ancient emperors. Guests will wear costume, crowns of kings and mandarin of Nguyen Dynasty. The food is made as same as ancient royal banquet, there are also a band to perform traditional music too.
Address: 20/3 Le Thanh Ton Street, Hue City, Vietnam.

3. Lac Thien Restaurant

lac thien restaurant
Lac Thien restaurant

This restaurant quite popular with international tourists, you can easily find many foreigners enjoy the famous crunchy dish “bánh khoái” of the restaurant with Huda beer (a famous Hue’s beer). “Bánh khoái” is a little bit similar with pancako, this dish is a stuffed crepe accompanied by peanut sauce which is very famous with local people. From Dong Ba Market, you walk along the Perfume River and turn at Thuong Tu Gate, then you will find out Lac Thien Restaurant. The restaurant has two floors but visitors should eat in the first floor for ordering easier.
Address: No 06 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hue City, Vietnam.

4. Perfume River Floating Restaurant

perfume river floating restaurant
Perfume River Floating Restaurant

Perfume River Floating Restaurant with modern architecture is the only one restaurant located on the Perfume River and next to dreaming Truong Tien Bridge. The restaurant has more than 350 seats. Visiting the Perfume River Floating Restaurant, guests will enjoy European-Asian cuisine – Chinese, especially the fresh typical seafood dishes of Hue people.
Address: 3/2 Park, Hue City, Vietnam.

5. Lien Hoa Vegetarian Restaurant

lien hoa vegetarian restaurant
Lien Hoa Vegetarian Restaurant

Lien Hoa Vegetarian Restaurant was opened by Monk Tue Tam 4 years ago, located at No 03, Le Thanh Ton Street, Hue City. The restaurant with houses made of bamboo and rustic materials has become a popular destination for not only vegetarian but also normal people and tourists. The foods of the restaurant are processing with clean, fresh vegetable and have clear origin, no mixing toxic additives and minimize the use of MSG. Guests can enjoy many traditional foods of not only Hue but Vietnam in vegetarian way, do not miss this amazing restaurant when you visiting Hue Citadel Capital.
Address: No 03 Le Thanh Ton Street, Hue City, Vietnam.

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