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During your trip to Philippines, you should book a tour with a professional guide, in order to be sure you won’t miss any highlight of the place you are staying in. Indeed, we decided to select for you the best tours in Philippines to guide you in your Philippines trip. Are you ready to discover Philippines?


#1 The Ultimate Intramuros – Manila

When you think about Philippines you probably think about the Spanish colonial time of this island. Thereby, the Spanish architecture is strongly present in this country and especially in its capital, Manila. Indeed, the Ultimate Intramuros tour is among the best tours in Philippines. Intramuros means “within the walls” in Spanish. It’s the historic walled area of the capital also called Walled City.

The Ultimate Intramuros tour could occur the morning or the afternoon, according to your wish. It lasts approximately 4-5 hours. You will start by walking into the Walled City of Intramuros which is the oldest district of the capital city. You will probably find it outstanding and you will have the chance to take nice pictures.

After visiting the Walled city, you will also go to some other historical places of the city such as the Manila Cathedral, the San Augustin Church and the Baluarte de San Diego. This tour will end by a quiet and lovely place with the exploration of the Paco Park.

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Photo of the Intramuros, best tours in Philippines
Intramuros, the Walled city, (Philippines Travel Time)

#2 Panoramic View of Cebu – Private Tour

The city of Cebu is also a must-see during your trip to Philippines. Located in the center of the country, Cebu offers multiple and different landscapes.

One of the best tours in Philippines is the one where you will go to the top of the Busay Hills. This hill is cool and fresh and it will offer you a view about 2,000 feet above the sea level.

After a little climb, you will have the sensation to fly over the city and it will be perfect for you to take nice pictures. You will have a view mixed between the sea, the buildings of the city and the forest. The tour will last around 3 hours and you will not regret the little trek.

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Photo of a panoramic view of Cebu, Best tours in Philippines
Panoramic view of Cebu (

#3 Coron Snorkel and Kayak Day Tour – Private Tour

Coron is an island located on the West of the Philippines in the province of Palawan. We could not forget it for the best tours in Philippines because this island is a true gem. If you want to discover Philippines well, you should go to Coron Island.

This place is perfect if you want to avoid tourists and if you are a true adventurer. Indeed, thanks to this tour you will practice several activities such as paddle, snorkeling, kayaking, etc

If you like white sand beaches, transparent and turquoise water, exploring caves and other natural places, this tour is made for you! This tour will last approximately 8.30 hours.

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Photo of the Coron Island, best tours in Philippines
Coron Island (

#4 Taal Volcano Trekking – Full Day Tour

This tour will start from your hotel in Manila, the transportation is included as the Volcano is located 60 kilometers away Manila.

If you like both trekking and natural places, this tour will be for you among the best tours in Philippines. In order to take a boost of energy you will start this tour by going to a fruit stand. Then you will enjoy a little boat trip in order to access to the Volcano. You will spend between 1h and 1h30 to explore the rib of the Volcano.

It’s important to mention that the lunch is also included at a local restaurant called Tagayta in order to discover the Filipino local food. This tour will last between 7 and 8 hours.

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Photo of the Taal Volcano, best tours in Philippines
Taal Volcano (Tupang Gala)

#5 Calauit Wildlife Day Safari – Private Tour

Calauit is also an island belonging to the Palawan province. This island is famous for its wildlife and especially for its Safari. Thereby, if you like animals and jungle this tour will be among the best tours in Philippines for you. Aboard a 4×4 you will have the chance to spot giraffes, zebras, elans and more. You could even feed the giraffes if you feel confident enough!!!

Then, you will also go to Sinibayan in order to have a trek in the forest. For lunch, you will have a barbecue. If you like swimming you could also swim into fresh natural pools over there! Wonderful, isn’t it?

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Photo of the Calauit Safari, best tours in Philippines
Calauit Safari (Palawan News)

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