Boracay Island Travel Tips 2018

The Philippines tourism has more than 7,000 islands, but the most beautiful, rustic, charming and attractive for foreign tourists is still “the charming pearl” Boracay. Here is the experience to be drawn from those of Goasiadaytrip tourists, certainly will help you prepare well for the trip to this beautiful island.

Boracay island

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    The most convenient way to travel to Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines does not have an international airport, so if you want to come here, you can follow this way:

First, take a flight to Manila or Cebu (Philippines). Then, continue to domestic flights to Boracay from these two cities, such as AirPhil Express, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Zest Airways, South East Asian Airlines, Air Asia … Domestic fares from 2,000 PHP / round-trip ticket.

There are two airports near Boracay- Kalibo and Caticlan.

According to the former tourists traveling to Boracay who prefer convenience, you should choose Philippine Airlines, because the airline has good quality service and always depart on time.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a trip with cheap price, you should choose Cebu Pacific or Airasia. Cebu Pacific is a cheap airline and offers flights to both Caticlan and Kalibo airports. Airasia has more regular promotions but only the flight to Kalibo.

How to get to Boracay Island from Airport:

After arriving at Caticlan Airport, you guess Tricycle to Boracay Pier, Tricel fare is 100 PHP per person. If you land at Kalibo airport, take the yellow bus (stop outside the airport gate) to the pier, fare is about 107 PHP / person / trip.

Tricycle is very popular in Philippines
Tricycle is very popular in Philippines

From Caticlan Airport, you will only take about 5 minutes to get to the pier and take 10 minutes from the pier to Boracay. From Kalibo Airport it takes about an hour to get to the Caticlan Pier. Therefore, depending on your travel plan you choose the appropriate destination to buy air tickets.

Caticlan jetty port
Caticlan jetty port

When arriving at the dock you will need to buy a ticket and pay for port fees, environmental charges and queue through the security gate. A very troublesome procedure and take a long time when the security gate here is that you have to remove the entire luggage to check before getting on board. There are two types of vessels to go to Boracay Island: hydrofoils running at fixed hours and wooden boats running continuously on the condition of having 20 guests.

  1. Experience of renting the cheap and comfortable hotels in Boracay

Boracay has two sides to the sea: Bulabog (east coast) and White Beach (west coast). Bulabog is quite quiet, suitable for holiday travelers prefer private and quiet space, while White Beach is very crowded and bustling, and also the main center of Boracay Island. Most of tourists choose to stay at the 2nd area of While Beach. Partially, it is bustling, partially because the price of the room here is cheaper than the Bulabog area and the 1st and 3rd beach of White Beach.

Boracay hotels

It can be said that the hotel service in Boracay Island is very civilized and rules that few tourist sites have. Many visitors say they come to Boracay for a peak season, go self-catering and do not book a room in advance, but still find a low-cost, comfortable motel just a short distance from the center. However, you should still book accommodations early through or to for reservation because you are not always as lucky as these visitors.

  1. The most attractive places to visit 

Visiting the beach

In addition to main beach at station 1, 2,3, Boracay has other beautiful beaches such as Puka beach, Ilig- Iligan beach, Mapuz beach, Bulabog …

You can rent the Tricycle to these beaches, requesting the driver to reach the point that can see the whole view of island from above. The rent is about 1000P / 3 hours for a car with a capacity of 7-10 people.

Flyboarding, parasailing, helicopter tour, flying fish, helmet diving, jetski, horse riding, cable car and zipline and more.

Take island hopping

In Boracay there are many small islands and beautiful beaches, to get to these points you have to join island hopping tour or if group from 6 and above, you should rent a private boat, the price is extremely cheap.

Tour island hopping (group tour) public costs 800P including food that does not include environmental fee 200P to Crystal Island (one of the most beautiful island in Boracay)

Private boat hire costs around 2000P / 1 boat excluding meals and buggy ride exploring Boracay

Enjoy the sunset

The best way to watch the sunset is by sailboat, approximately 1800P.

Enjoy sunset and drink in Spider House
Enjoy sunset and drink in Spider House

Enjoy the sunset at Boracay’s most beautiful bar: Spider bar. To get here you have to go for a tricycle priced at around 250p-300p / car. The Spider Bar has an extremely unique architecture on the large cliff, into the bar as it enters the cave with many interesting zig zag paths, stunning bar views and plenty of tables to climb out of the cliff to enjoy the cool ocean air. You can also swim in a floating bar located near the Spider bar. Although there are many nice bars but not as great as the Spider bar. To Boracay you definitely can not miss this place.

Nightlife in Boracay

Boracay nightlife is extremely vibrant with many fire dances, live music, electronic music, pop that is extremely attractive.

If you are a party addict, let’s join pubcrawl. Pubcrawl is a program for young people to communicate with each other and go together to many bars and pubs to enjoy night.

Pubcrawl is the good way to have fun and make friends
Pubcrawl is the good way to have fun and make friends

Pubcrawl in Boracay with the aim “Turn stangers into friends” is really the most meaningful activity that Goasiadaytrip has participated, there are many friends from all over the world to join, and everyone is open-minded. You will be on 5 bars, free entrance tickets, 5 wine shots, games, discount drinks at the bar.

The price for joining pubcrawl is 690P / female, 790P / 1 male, this price is applicable to 50 ladies and the first 50 male registrations and is presented with T-shirt of the program, price after 50 people is 990P /set which are also given shirt….

  1. Experience eating and enjoying specialties 

Coming to Boracay, you will enjoy the delicious dishes prepared from seafood with Dampa style, typical of the Philippines. You should buy seafood and ask the chef in the restaurant or hotel processing them. Such a delicious and cheap way!

In addition to seafood, certain dishes must be tasted when traveling to Boracay are also roasted chicken, spring rolls, salty pork rolls, rice tapsilog, bangsilog …. Besides, Mexican and Europe – Asia dishes  are always ready to serve you.

Bangsilog with rice and fried squid
Bangsilog with rice and fried squid

Getting to Boracay Island without enjoying the beach buffet is a mistake. Each buffet rate ranges from 250 – 350 PHP per meal. Very cheap, especially when you eat buffet you can watch the art performances and the freedom to take pictures in the fire dancers.

Some restaurants and food outlets: Smoke Restaurant – serves Filipino food; True Food Restaurant – Serves Indian food; Best Mestizos – serves Spanish food; The Hobbit House – serves Italian, Filipino food. There are also other restaurants, cafes such as Prana Restaurant, Manana Boracay, Bom Bom Bar (Beach 1, White Beach), Charhls Bar (Beach 2, White Beach), Cream Café (Beach 1, White Beach) Crafty’s Rooftop Boracay ….

  1. Shopping experience 

You can shop for souvenirs or essentials at Boracay’s largest shopping mall – D’mall. This center is located near beach 2, White Beach. Or you can go to D’Talipapa on the 3rd to buy fresh food or seafood. The price here is usually cheaper than at D’mall and also very discount to 25%.

Dmall of Boracay
Dmall of Boracay

In addition to the two shopping centers, you can also go to the night market. This is also the preferred shopping destination of tourists when traveling to Boracay Island. You can watch, try to buy or not buy anything without worrying about the attitude of the sellers. Especially here you also have the opportunity to enjoy the rich and excellent street food.

General Rating: 9.7/10

Boracay is beautiful island, ideal vacation spot that you should not miss while traveling the Philippines. Besides bathing, relaxation, you can enjoy many interesting activities. Enjoying the delicacies, Boracay specialties are also an experience that you should not miss. Travel this beautiful island you should book early before going.

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