Burma special food – Top 10 delicious

Burma special food has many kinds so what should we eat? Is the concern of many tourists before the “balo” on the road tour Burma because it has a variety of culinary culture and sophistication.

Coming to Burma, visitors not only immerse themselves in the beautiful natural landscape, experience the unique culture, but also enjoy the elite cuisine of the Golden Temple country.

  1. Tea leaf salad (lephet / laphet)

Burma special food

Fermented tea leaves can be eaten as desserts, or can also be cooked tea leaves salad. Sour and slightly bitter tea leaves are mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, roasted beans, peppers and garlic. This dish is eaten separately or eaten with rice. It can be considered as the most unique among Burma special food because of its cooking way.

  1. Shan rice (nga htamin)

Burma special food

Russia Hatamin means rice with fish, this Shan ethnic dishes includes rice cooked with turmeric, then it is compressed flat, add salted shredded fish and garlic oil on top. This dish is eaten with the roots of leeks, raw garlic and crispy pork skin, creating the typical pungent taste of Burma.

  1. Burma curry (Burmese curry)

Burma special food

For this, tourists can choose curries made from beef, fish, shrimp, pork or lamb. Coming along with curries are countless dishes including rice, salad, fried vegetables, soups, raw vegetables and boiled vegetables, served with a variety of different sauces. Even curry appears in many countries but due to the cooking way, it becomes one of Burma special food.

  1. Dish at Burma Tea House

Burma special food

Tea gardens in Burma is not only a place to drink tea, but also a place to discover the cuisine of ethnics of this country. The Tea House of Burma’s ethnics has noodles or rice, including htamin thoke (raw rice salad). Meanwhile, Indians / Muslims shops serve South Asian food like snack samosas and poori (crispy fried bread served with potato curry) or toasted bread nanbya (naan). Chinese’s ones are famous for sweet barbecue or many types of dumpling and wantan, often found in the style of eating dim sum.

  1. Burma sweet snack

Burma special food


Unlike Western delicacies, Burma delicacies, generally called “moun”, are very popular among Burma travelers. They are considered as snacks rather than as desserts. Moun is not sweet of sugar but due to its natural ingredients such as coconut milk, rice flour, glutinous rice and fruit. Some of the typical moun is has nwin ma kin (cake with coconut milk, butter from buffalo milk and raisins), bein moun and moun pyit thalet (pancake in Burma style)

  1. Cripsy fried food

Burma special food

Traveling to Burma you will find crispy crisps everywhere. Typical dish is buthi kyaw (crispy fried dough) with sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and bean flour. This kind of Burma special food will really attract people who have sweet tooth.

  1. Shan tofu noodles

Burma special food

One of the most unique dishes in Burma is hto-hpu nwe, meaning “warm tofu”. The name is so but this dish does not have tofu but only porridge made from chicken chickpeas. Have you ever heart about this Burma special food?

  1. Nangyi Thoke Dry Noodles

Burma special food

Nangyi Thoke consists of thick noodles with chicken, thinly sliced chopped fish. The ingredients are marinated with roasted chicken flour, turmeric and chili oil, mixed well and eaten with vegetables and soup.

  1. Mohinga

Burma special food

Burma’s national food is Mohinga – rice noodles served with fish and onion soup, sometimes with crispy core of banana tree. You can also add boiled eggs, crispy akyaw vegetables, crispy lentils, limes and dried peppers.

  1. Shan noodles

Burma special food

Chinese noodles made from rice, flat and thin, are dipped in pepper soup, served with chicken or pork. This dish also has a dry noodles version. Even it originates from China but it is still one of Burma special food.


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