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Chiang Mai is the second-biggest city in Thailand. You can expect that there will flabbergast and delectable things to eat in a city this large… Chiang Mai Food? You won’t be frustrated! Isolated by dividers, the old city and the new offer such a significant number of sustenance settings that it is difficult to have a go at everything in one visit. We can enable you to limit your rundown of alternatives with these impressive spots to eat and what to attempt while you are there. Don’t visit Chiang Mai for Yee Peng Festival only, Chiang Mai have many things than that.

Chiang Mai Food


1. Khao Soi (Egg Noodle Curry) – Spirit of Chiang Mai Food.


Khao Soi is the one dish that you have to eat in Chiang Mai for sure. On the off chance that you just have one feast in Chiang Mai, it ought to be Khao Soi. In the event that you just have two suppers, at that point you ought to eat Khao Soi once more. Ideally, you have something like three suppers in light of the fact that Chiang Mai has three ‘not to miss’ spots to eat Khao Soi.

For the uninitiated, Khao Soi is a soup enhanced with yellow curry and coconut drain, stacked with bubbled noodles and after that finished with seared noodles. In spite of the fact that Khao Soi is customarily arranged with chicken or hamburger to conform to Muslim dietary principles, fresher Chiang Mai eateries, as Khao Soi Nimman, include different proteins like fish and pork.

Make certain to add fixings to your bowl of Khao Soi. Well known sides are cleaved shallots, cured mustard greens, fiery cooked bean stew glue and lime juice.

Each Chiang Mai restaurant provides a unique version based on the cook’s upbringing and preferences. Our favorite Khao Soi spots are the aforementioned Khao Soi Nimman, Khao Soi Lam Duan and Khao Soi Khun Yai. Do yourself a favor and try all three.

Khao Soi Lam Duan is located at 352/22 Thanon Charoenrat, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Khao Soi Khun Yai is located at Sri Poom 8 Alley, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand.
Khao Soi Nimman is located at Nimmanhemin Soi 7, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Food

2. Khao Kha Moo – Soul of Chiang Mai food.


Khao Kha Moo is a well known Chiang Mai dish, and no one shows improvement over the renowned “Cowboy hat lady” at the Chang Phuak night showcase. We challenge you to locate a superior incentive for a dollar than this plate of succulent stewed pork leg served over rice with an egg and delightful sides like salted mustard greens and garlic bean stew sauce.

It’s no big surprise that groups line up every night for the dish cherished by local people and made well known by Anthony Bourdain. It’s a champ!


Khao Kha Moo Chang Phuak is located by the North Gate at Thanon Manee Nop Parat, Amphoe Mueang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Food


3. Khanom Krok – a special dish of Chiang Mai Food.


Khanom Krok are coconut rice flapjacks and are best eaten as treat. The form that is loved best joins sweet corn into the coconut flapjack. As a reward, this Chiang Mai nearby nourishment is veggie lover neighborly.

Chiang Mai Food

4. Cherngdoi Roast Chicken.


In numerous cooking styles, chicken is a tasteless, one-note dish. This methodology isn’t the situation in Chiang Mai where cooks enhance chicken as much as some other protein with cooking styles that shift by eatery and by procedure. We found our most loved Thai meal chicken dishes at Cherng Doi Roast Chicken, Kiet Ocha and SP Chicken.

Cherng Doi Roast Chicken is located at Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand in the Nimman neighborhood.
Kiet Ocha is located at 41 43 Intaworos rd., Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
SP Chicken is located at Samlan Rd Soi 1, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand.

Chiang Mai Food

5. Khan Toke


Not a solitary dish but rather a mark Lanna eating background. Served in a low teak plate that serves as a table, the khan toke involves a scope of northern-style side dishes and a bin of sticky rice. Burger joints sit on the floor, and delve in with one hand. The advanced rendition of khan toke is joined by a progression of social exhibitions, for example, people music, finger-nail move and innate moves.

Chiang Mai Food

6. Nam Prik Ong/Nam Prik Nume (Red/Green Chilli Dip)

This green and red stew plunge team is the most notable among all the northern-style bean stew plunges. Made with cooked bean stew goad peppers, the green bean stew plunge, or nam prik nume, is searing and will leave your tongue consuming after just the primary chomp. The red stew plunge, or nam prik ong, tastes somewhat milder, with a tomato-based glue blended with ground pork, hacked coriander, spring onion and dried elevated chilies. Both are typically eaten with firm pork skin, steamed vegetables, or sticky rice.

Chiang Mai Food

7. Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow (Rice Vermicelli with Soybean Curry)


Perhaps the most exotic looking among all the kanom jeen (spaghetti-like noodles), this popular northern dish consists of the kanom jeen in a pork-soybean curry (nam ngeow), served with fresh vegetables, kaeb moo (crispy pork skin), dried bird’s eye chilies and a range of local condiments. The soup tastes rather light and refreshing, unlike other rich, coconut cream versions found in other regional kanom jeen dishes of Chiang Mai Food.

Chiang Mai Food

8. Gaeng Hang Lay (Burmese-style Sweet Curry)


A yellow curry with a tamarind-based soup, pork pieces, shallots and shrimp glue. Its sources are in Burma, yet the adjusted northern Thai adaptation utilizes less oil. With no coconut cream as the fixing, the surface is less thick than green curry and rich with flavors.

Chiang Mai Food

9. Miang Kham (Bite-sized Wrapped Snacks)


A conventional finger nourishment, miang kham is a fun, do-it-without anyone else’s help starter dish. One serving comprises of new betal leaves (for wrapping), sweet syrup and an assortment of fillings, normally cut shallots, new red or green chilies, diced ginger, diced garlic, diced lime, dried little shrimp and broiled ground coconut. One chomp can have all or a portion of the fillings – it’s thoroughly up to you of Chiang Mai Food.

Chiang Mai Food

10. Tam Khanun (Young Jackfruit Salad)


Refreshingly zesty, nutty and flavorsome, this sound northern dish will wake you up from any sleep. The youthful, green jackfruit is bubbled until delicate, at that point destroyed and mix browned with a garlic-dried bean stew shrimp glue base and a bunch of herbs. Take one nibble and the rich sweet, harsh, salty and nutty tastes will detonate in your mouth.

Chiang Mai Food

11. Larb Kua (Pan-fried Spicy Meat Salad)


Larb in northern Thai food has a greater number of flavors in it than the northeastern variant. Hamburger, fish, pork or chicken meat is slashed up together with blood pieces and innards, at that point a brisk blend in warmed cooking (oil broiling), alongside dried chilies, larb curry, blood lumps and a bunch of herbs and flavors. The dish runs best with warm sticky rice. You need to try it to know more about Chiang Mai Food.

Chiang Mai Food

12. Sai Oua (Grilled Herb Sausage)


A red hot starter dish, sai oua is northern-style wiener produced using ground pork, dried chilies, garlic, shallots and a scope of impactful herbs and flavors of Chiang Mai Food. It looks fundamentally the same as northeastern-style frankfurter when seen on a charcoal flame broil yet tastes definitely extraordinary – sai oua is more substantial and rich with home grown fragrances and in addition chilies.

Chiang Mai Food

If you fall in love with Chiang Mai Food, you may decide to stay for an extended time.Either way, you should check out Chiang Mai travel costs before your trip.

Spoiler alert: Chiang Mai is NOT expensive.

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