Compare travel costs in Southeast Asian countries (Part 2)

Continue to compare tourism in Southeast Asian countries, GoAsiaDayTrip will introduce for you the next 4 countries, including Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

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As a shopping paradise as well as entertainment in Southeast Asia, so travel to the Golden Temple country is always on top priority.

Bangkok - The capital of Thailand
Bangkok – The capital of Thailand

Moving to Thailand:

  • Tickets to Bangkok will range from $ 75 to $ 175 depending on airlines and promotion.

Public transportation such as buses, motorbikes, airplanes and boats are cheap in Thailand, and the way to use and book of these vehicles is also very easy.


  • To compare, Thailand is an ideal destination for all types of travelers, no matter who you are, your budget is easy to find a suitable accommodation in Thailand. If you want to find a hostel of about $ 10 per night, hostel for backpackers will be the right choice.
Compare to other country, hostel are very popular in Thailand
Compare to other country, hostel are very popular in Thailand

Or you can choose hotels near the public area for convenience:

  • Cheap hotels (2-star): 15-20USD / room / night
  • Mid-range hotels (3-star): 30-40USD / room / night
  • High-end hotel (4 star): priced from 50-100USD / room / night
  • Luxury hotel (5 star) with different price.


  • At the center, supermarket, foodcourt: 2-3USD / person / meal and a little cheaper at the market.

Thai people are good at English, so you need to equip yourself with your own language. In general, Thai tourism is quite comfortable on a budget with many choices. A trip here would be equivalent to traveling in the country if you know how to spend reasonably.

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  1. Philippines

Having thousand of islands is the advantage to develop sea tourism in Philippines, compare to other countries.
Having thousand of islands is the advantage to develop sea tourism in Philippines, compare to other countries.

Philippines is a country with many islands associated with the famous green beaches, beautiful people. If you are in the mood for a beautiful country, remember the following:

Moving to the Philippines:

  • To arrive here, the only way is by plane from $ 140 / trip


  • As a famous tourist destination, the hotel also offers a variety of different prices, spoiled for choice.
  • Budget Hotels: If you are hard to find, you will be lucky to rent a hotel for only 12USD / room / night
  • Low-cost hotels (2-star): from 20-30 USD / room / night
  • Mid-range hotels (3-star): 40-50 USD / room / night
  • High-grade hotel (4 – 5 stars): 800USD / room / night or more


  • Philippine popular meals are quite varied. You can enjoy specialties such as: Pinakbet, Adobo, Kamaro … A meal will cost 2.5 – 3.5 USD / meal

Compare to other countries in Southeast Asoa, English is spoken by most Filipinos as a primary language. People have been learning English since they were very young, so you just need to pocket some English, so you can go anywhere and no worry about barriers. The cost of a trip to the Philippines may be a little bit higher than other countries as well as tourism in Vietnam but you will have unique experiences only in the country thousands of islands.

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  1. Singapore

Known for its rich cultural, culinary, arts and colorful development, Singapore has a strong appeal to many visitors.

Singapore city by night
Singapore city by night


  • Airfare: The fare to Singapore is reasonable if you know how to hunt cheap ticket
  • Move to the center: You can use the MRT as the cheapest means of $ 5 / ticket, bus at Terminal 2, Airport Shuttle or taxi is the most expensive.
  • MRT is the most modern and popular public transport in Singapore. You just need to buy EZ Link card available for $ 10.5.

In addition to saving time, you can also take bus services around the city with some popular attractions such as the Hop on Hop off bus for $ 8.50/day.


Chili crab sauce
Chili crab sauce
  • The price for a meal in a restaurant in Singapore is quite expensive, range 3.5 – 5 USD. So to save money you can go to China Town or the sidewalk at the Hawker Center or Food court from 2 – 2.5 USD/meal. Specialties can be enjoyed such as chili crab sauce, Hainan chicken rice, frog porridge…

Singapore is a green, clean and civilized country, so you can assured that you can enjoy your trip on the island.

  1. Bali (Indonesia)

Bali’s paradise in Indonesia has become one of the landmarks of this country. Do not miss if you are looking for a destination with both the sea and terraced fields.

Bali is dubbed as Paradise Island of Southeast Asia
Bali is dubbed as Paradise Island of Southeast Asia

Moving to Bali:

You will need to transfer to Jakarta (Indonesia), Malaysia or Singapore before flying to Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport. In general to go a long way including the transhipment, you will lose 150-230 USD / trip


There are a lot of resorts here to bring travelers the total relaxation
There are a lot of resorts here to bring travelers the total relaxation
  • Very diverse with many different types of hotels.
  • The most savings are dorm (dormitories): 5-7USD / bed / night
  • The popular hotels (2-star): 10-20USD / room / night
  • Hotels (3-4 stars): 30 – 50USD / room / night
  • Luxury five star resorts: 110 – 1000USD


  • The cost for a meal per person usually falls on 2- 3 USD / person / meal

The language of the sign boards is translated into English, even in Russian, Chinese or Japanese, so you can assured when visiting here.

The total cost of getting a full trip to the beautiful island of Bali can be a little bit expensive, so you need to find out more information before visiting.

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In general, the cost of tourism in Southeast Asian countries is not too much different, but will depend on the type of trip you want to enjoy.

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