Compare travel costs in Southeast Asian countries (Part 1)

Tourism in Southeast Asia in recent years has become increasingly popular with foreigners. To compare between countries in region, in addition to their cultural and lifestyle similarities, each country has its own advantages to develop tourism.

However, the criterion of cost is always the top priority before each trip. Goasiadaytrip will give you a more comprehensive view of the basic costs that need to be spent on a trip to some well-known travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

  1. Vietnam

Being one of the countries in the top tourist development in the region as well as the world, Vietnam is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. With the advantage of being unique and diverse in both natural and ancient culture, Vietnam is a country that you can not miss when traveling to Southeast Asia.

Vietnam owns a lot of beautiful destinations
Vietnam owns a lot of beautiful destinations

One of the things that attract tourists to Vietnam is relatively cheap, compare to other country in region. Budget for a day can be just a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on how you discover.

Moving to Vietnam:

  • Moving to Vietnam as well as moving in the country is extremely convenient with a variety of forms and costs for you to choose. You can choose Vietnam Airlines or other low cost carriers like Vietjet Air or Jetstar to save time traveling between cities.
  • Besides bus, taxis that are very variable, you can also catch the motorbike taxi to experience traffic “in Vietnam way” at very cheap cost.


When you come to Vietnam, you have a variety of accommodation to choose from cheap to high-end. Types of lodging, budget hotels and high-class hotels are available in most places, especially in big cities.

Particularly nowadays, homestay and dormitory rapidly develop, giving more choices to travelers with cheap and guaranteed services. You can compare some kinds of accommodation here:

  • Homestay: 5 USD / person/ night
  • Guesthouse: 7-10 USD / person / room / night
  • Mid-range hotels (2-3 stars): 30-50 USD / room / night
  • High-end hotels (4-5 stars): 50-70 USD / room / night or more


Vietnamese food is ranked in the top of the world’s most varied and delicious cuisines with harmonious flavors and features in each region. Some of the most popular dishes that tourists eat when traveling to Vietnam are Pho (noodles), Kebab rice noodles, bread … all are honored by the prestigious magazines in the world. The price for food is usually only from 1 USD.

Pho - one of the most famous food of Vietnam
Pho – one of the most famous food of Vietnam

Street food is also one of the most attractive to tourists. You can find food in any street in major cities at any time of the day. Therefore, tourists often happily said that never fear of hunger in Vietnam because just stepping out of the way you can find a dish to enjoy.

To experience the beauty of Vietnam, backpackers suggest going by motorcycle. This is the most popular and most enjoyable transportation for a memorable trip. With abundant natural resources, Vietnam has a lot of scenic mountains and sea for visitors to experience.

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  1. Cambodia

Located in Indochina, Cambodia is not only convenient to travel but also owns beautiful scenery attractions, not only beautiful but also very mysterious.

Angkor Wat - the proud of Cambodian
Angkor Wat – the proud of Cambodian

When traveling in this country, you will need to prepare yourself funds to cover the following costs:

Moving to Cambodia:

  • There are many national airlines and low cost carriers to Cambodia every day with dense traffic, so the cost is relatively cheap. You can choose a suitable airline for yourself at an affordable price.


  • In Cambodia, there are many types of hotels to choose from for your trip, from luxury hotels to the most popular hotels and inns. And of course “you get what you pay for” – if you want to choose cheap motels then be careful and check the information carefully before booking.
  • Depending on your budget, you can choose the hotels, inns suitable for you
  • Accommodation: 9-10USD / 2 persons / room / night
  • Mid-range hotels (2-3 stars): 20-30USD / room / night
  • High-grade hotels (4-5 stars): 40USD / room / night or more


Cambodian cuisine is quite diversified
Cambodian cuisine is quite diversified
  • Diverse Cambodian cuisine with specialties such as crickets, scorpions, spiders, grilled dishes, beef, chicken, or fish dishes. For $ 1 or more, in Cambodia, there are many street food places with many attractive dishes, but compare to Vietnam, the price is equivalent.

For Cambodia you can choose to go alone or go on tour as the cost of a trip here is also cheap. If your budget is more comfortable, let’s try to experience the Boutique Hotels – which are special style hotels from the design; the hotel space to the style of service also has its own characteristics.

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  1. Laos


Laos is the second country has border gate with Vietnam, similar to Cambodia. If you are interested in the land of elephants and temples with unique architecture do not ignore the following information:

The spending budget in Laos ranges from $ 20 ~ $ 35 a day is comfortable spending.

Moving to Laos:

  • If you want convenience and speed, you can book airfare to Laos. But if you go from Hanoi – Vietnam, you can choose the bus for about $ 25 / ticket.
  • For public transportation, you will spend about 150,000 – 200,000 Kips ($ 20-25) for sleeper car.
  • There are very few taxis in Lao so the main mean of transportation is Tuk Tuk, which costs about 90-130,000 Kips ($ 12 – $ 16) per trip.


  • Low-priced accommodation: 9USD / room / night
  • Mid-range hotels (2-3 stars): 25-40USD / room / night
  • High-grade hotels (4-5 star): 50USD / room / night or higher


Compare to other countries in the regions, Laos cuisine is quite easy to taste
Compare to other countries in the regions, Laos cuisine is quite easy to taste
    • To compare, Lao cuisine is quite similar to Thailand, many dishes are quite similar to Vietnam. You can enjoy the dishes quite easily such as: hot dogs, Lao fried chicken, Savanakhet roast chicken, Khausoy, Tam Maak Hung … You can spend about 10 USD / day for eating.
    • Do not forget to try buffalo lap or papaya salad with sticky rice, which are Laos specialties.

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  1. Malaysia

With the Petronas Twin Towers now becoming one of the symbols of Malaysia, you will be amazed by the harmonious and fresh beauty of the East Asian country.

Moving to Malaysia:

  • Airfare to Kuala Lumpur is quite comfortable at around $ 200. But the fare is even around $ 150 if you can “hunt” cheap tickets.


Legoland Hotel
Legoland Hotel

Kuala Lumpur has a variety of rooms to choose from. For hotels in the city center, finding and booking in advance is very necessary as these hotels will be very prone to run out of room.

  • Share room with others to get cheap price: 3-4USD / person / night
  • 2-3 star hotel: 20 – 30USD / room / night
  • 4-star hotel: 40-100 USD / room / night
  • 5-star hotel: From 130 USD / room / night or more


Eye-catching food of Malaysia
Eye-catching food of Malaysia
  • Malaysian cuisine is diversified with a variety of cuisines: Singapore, India, China, etc. You will spend an average of 3.5 – 5USD / person / meal
  • You will easily find good and cheap food at local markets and popular street cafes, and there are plenty of other options if you want to enjoy quality food at the luxury restaurant.

Compare to other countries, Malaysia has been voted the most spoken English language in Asia, so if you just prepare the English language and some local names.

It can be said that the cost of tourism in Malaysia is somewhat higher than in Vietnam, so it is necessary to prepare well the budget as well as the background knowledge for the trip.

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