Cool down your summer with the best Vietnam cooking class

If you are a food lover, I’m sure you don’t need any better excuses to travel. When you travel more, you will realize that the best way to explore a city is to eat it; or in other words, you need to taste a culture in order to understand it. Especially when it comes to countries of rich cultures and fascinating culinary like Vietnam, eating and cooking local foods may be the surest and truest way to its soul. For this summer vacation, if Vietnam is now on your top destinations in Southeast Asia, why don’t you try out the best Vietnam cooking class during your time here? I’m sure, after just some hours in kitchen, you may claim this experience as your ever best things to do in Vietnam.

Lovely image of Danang Home Cooking Class
Lovely image of Danang Home Cooking Class

What to expect in a special Vietnam cooking class?

In any basic cooking classes, you will learn how to cooking Vietnamese food and understand about their cuisine. However, a special class can give you more than that. Some will include market tour, learn how to negotiate price, and how to choose the best ingredients. Some even comprise city tour or even a short gardening class. Here with Vietnam Cooking Class in Da Nang, we combine all together to bring about the full Vietnam experience and to get the deepest insight into Vietnam culinary.

Visit garden in Danang - vietnam cooking class
Visit garden in Danang

Let’s take a look and see how fun it is:

Experience the cooking class of Deanna Troy

Yummy!!! That is what Deanna experience in Da Nang Home Cooking Course. First, she has a city tour, doing some farming, enjoying Vietnam coffee, visit the market and joing the class. Main dishes included Papaya Salad, Spring Roll, Chicken Wings and Sour Fish Soup. It looks fun and delicious, right?

If you stay in Hoi An Town, you can find a similar class at Hoi An Eco Cooking Class. A lot of Vietnam traditional cooking courses are offered in main tourist cities like Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh. However, the itineraries and activities vary depending on each city. If you join more than a single Vietnam cooking class in different regions, you may find differences in cooking style and in taste. People in the Central Vietnam prefer spicy and the South prefers sweet, which creates the unique feature of each regional food. However, no matter where to take a cooking class, there’s one thing unchanged, that is the balance of yin-yang, the combination of salty, sweet, sour and spicy, or the combination of 5 basic elements in a Vietnamese dish. To fit the need of everyone, GoAsiaDayTrip also offers vegan cooking class with diverse dishes.

Hoi An Eco cooking class
Hoi An Eco cooking class

Nothing is better when you sit down and enjoy the dish you’ve made by yourselves. I’m sure that you will take home a lot of recipes to treat your family and friends after this trip.

For foodies, if a Vietnam cooking class still cannot totally satisfy the hunger in you, why don’t you join a food tour on the other day? There’re various foods waiting for you to explore out there.


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