Corregidor Island – Where history remains

Of the more than 7,000 large and small islands in the Philippines, Corregidor is often known as one of the nation’s most historic landmarks. Still retaining many historic Philippines and famous as a beautiful island with blue ocean, Corregidor is becoming an attractive tourist destination for tourists.

Corregidor Island is strategically located south of Manila Bay and 48km from the capital, which occupies a prominent position in the Philippine-American war against the Japanese during World War II. It’s a privileged location and a heroic history so the island quickly appealed to many tourists arriving in Manila.

Corregidor Port
Corregidor Port

With a tadpole-like shape, Corregidor Island is truly eye catching in every visitor’s sight. Nature offers many beautiful types of scenery from sloping hills, intertwined clouds, green beaches, rocky cliffs, white sand beaches, tilting coconut tilts and rich marine life. Coming to Corregidor Island, visitors will admire the beauty of the beach and experience exciting beach activities such as sunset stroll and sunrise on the sea, sail gliding over the water to feel scenic beauty spread on both sides, diving into the colorful coral world and immersed in the pristine white sand beach…

In addition, you can enjoy other exciting activities such as climbing the mountain pass, crossing waterfalls, watching wild flowers horizon and pedal on the coastal road to feel poetic, pure nature seawater is owned.

In addition to being in harmony with nature, experiencing exciting activities, you can visit Corregidor Island to see the relics of war and learn about the history of the resistance here. You can visit the Malinta tunnel, which is used for hiding weapons, coalition headquarters, visit camps along the road to the top of the island, watch the cannon rotates 360 degrees…

Corregidor Tunnel - where is the important base in war
Corregidor Tunnel – where is the important base in war

You can also visit the Corregidor Museum, where exhibits and souvenirs are kept during the war. The museum boasts a beautiful location on the island plus a unique architecture … creating a prominent highlight between the beautiful island space. The museum displays many valuable exhibits that prove the historic history of the city, so naturally, when visiting the museum you will have a better understanding of the history of the capital.

Brother in arm monument
Brother in arm monument

One thing that you should not miss when you come to this island is to visit the memorial of fallen heroes who have sacrificed independence for the Philippines.

The interesting thing that most visitors would want to experience when arriving at Corregidor Island is climbing the lighthouse to admire the majestic scenery of the island from above. The scene will appear in turn in front of your eyes as the lines in the beautiful art pictures.

With its beautiful natural monuments and scenery, Corregidor Island is often included in the city’s tourism programs and has become an inviting tourist attraction for Manila’s tourism industry. Do not miss this attractive destination when visiting Manila.

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