sapa fruits present from nature mother

Sapa Fruit – Special Gifts From Nature

Sapa is greatly favored by nature from mild climate to unique natural landscapes. Thanks to owning the temperature of the mountains that in Sapa can grow the fruits only popular in temperate lands. Visiting Sapa, do not miss the opportunity to get lost in the beautiful purple plum gardens or the fruitless peach gardens … Explore this article to see which Sapa fruits you can try.

Fansipan Sapa Cable Car

Sapa Cable Car – Things to do in Sapa

Mount Fansipan was seen as a meeting point for many climbers, who were considered by tourists and discoveries to be the symbol of conquest of youth and determination. Today with the advent of the Sun World Fansipan Legend cable car system opened and opened in February 2016 has turned many people’s dreams into reality. Here are things you should know before going to Fansipan Sapa cable car.

homestays Sapa

Top 8 Attractive Homestays Sapa

The scenery of Sapa always fascinates people with the poetic and clear. Sometimes the place is extraordinarily majestic, not to mention so many beautiful flowers all year round. Beautiful homestay in Sapa since then has gradually “grown” up to make anyone stay and not be able to go.