Discovering Phu Chau floating temple in Ho Chi Minh City


Discovering Phu Chau floating temple in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city of Vietnam and also known as the economic and political hub of the country. You may have heard some of its famous attractions including Dam Sen Amusement Park, Cu Chi Tunnel, the Central Post Office, Notre-Dame Cathedral or its flowery walking street of Nguyen Hue. But have you ever heard of “floating temple”? Not “floating market”. It’s floating temple. Let’s follow us and discover the famous Phu Chau floating temple in Ho Chi Minh City.

Phu Chau floating temple
Phu Chau floating temple

           1. Where is Phu Chau floating temple?

Phu Chau floating temple was built on an islet of Vam Thuat River in Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. This temple covers the entire islet of 2,500 square meters. This unique temple is the only floating temple in Ho Chi Minh City.


          2. History of Phu Chau floating temple:

The temple was built over 300 years ago and has become one of the most unique religious sites in the city. It is said that, the temple was erected in the early 19th century, under the reign of King Gia Long. Thanks to its Chinese-inspired architectural features and the sacred and intriguing story aligned with the spiritual life of locals, Phu Chau floating temple is the frequent place of thousands of pilgrims and visitors from the city and neighboring places.

phu chau floating temple
Gate of Phu Chau floating temple

The temple keeper said, the story about the birth of Phu Chau is attached to a story of a local fisherman who found the body of a dead woman in the river. He then decided to bury here on the islet and built a temple to worship her. From that moment, his life was much better. Then, locals continued his work to upgrade and expand the temple to its current status. After the upgrading and expansion, locals also worship the Five Elements (Ngu Hanh) and the Dragon Mom here. Before 1975, Phu Chau floating temple was the popular pilgrim destination of Saigon people but after that the temple was mostly empty. It wasn’t until 1989, a Chinese man named Luc Cau donated his own money to restore the temple and to pray for his business.

phu chau floating temple
Altar inside Phu Chau floating temple

The temple now has become a popular religious place of locals and nearby residents.  It is said that, Phu Chau floating temple is such a sacred temple that what you pray for when in here will come true. Thus, despite of its rather inconvenient location, there are plenty of people visiting Phu Chau every day for worshipping. Especially on the first day and the 15th day of the month (according to Lunar Calendar), locals often visit the temple to burn an incent showing their gratitude to the god in the temple. Others come here for sightseeing.


           3. What makes the temple unique?

Besides its unique location – located on the islet of Vam Thuat River, Phu Chau floating temple has more to attract the visitors. As first-time visitors, you may be overwhelmed by the elegant architecture with the careful and skillful carvings of dragons in different shapes and sizes on each rooftop.

phu chau floating temple

The dragons are sculpted and carved with various gestures and placed in many positions in the temple. The most popular image you can see is the duo-dragon competing for emerald on the temple rooftop.

All dragon patterns, pillars, walls and rooftop of Phu Chau floating temple are sculpted sophisticatedly.


          4. How can we get to the temple?

So now you may be eager to head to Phu Chau floating temple right? Let’s us show you the way. From GO Vap Market, you go straight ahead to the end of Nguyen Thai Son Street, then turn left to Tran Ba Giao Street. Then, drive for about 200 meters until you see a small temple on your right-hand side.

Phu Chau floating temple
Map from Go Vap Market to Phu Chau floating temple


You can park your vehicle inside a location near the temple and take a boat ride to the temple. The boat ride takes around 10 minutes and costs 10,000 VND per person for a round trip.


phu chau floating temple
Fruits at Phu Chau floating temple


Now that you have learned something about this amazing temple. Would you like to pay a visit to this amazing temple? Let’s us help you out with the discovering tour to Phu Chau floating temple in Ho Chi Minh City. For more interesting tips when visiting Ho Chi Minh City, refer to some of our related articles below:

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