Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City

These days in Hanoi, people are all happy and eager to welcome the top leaders from North Korea and the USA to join the US North Korea summit in Hanoi from February 27-28th. This morning, February 26th President Kim Jong-un arrived safely in Dong Dang Train Station in Lang Son Province, Vietnam after a 4,000 km journey from his home country. In order to head to Hanoi, President Kim Jong-un will take a road route crossing through 4 beautiful provinces in the northern part of Vietnam including Lang Son, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Hanoi. Would you like to know more about the charming route from Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City? But let’s learn some basic information about the second US-North Korea Summit.

Lang Son Province – Photo from Internet

1. Why did President Kim Jong-un choose travel to Vietnam by train?

Many are so curious about why he decided to take a train rather than a direct flight from Pyongyang to Hanoi. Here comes with the answer. In 1964, President Kim Il-sung – the grandfather of President Kim Jong-un chose to come to Vietnam by train so the younger president wanted to follow his grandfather’s footsteps. Mr. Kim has passed 4,000 km by road on a train to head to Vietnam.

Mr. Kim’s private yellow and green train has 21 bulletproof carriages and is luxurious with pink leather sofas and conference rooms so his 4,000 km journey would be more comfortable – BBC said.

Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City
President Kim arrived Vietnam

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2. Why did the two presidents choose Vietnam as their meeting place for the second US North Korea summit?

Vietnam is an ideal location for many reasons. Vietnam has diplomatic ties with both the US and North Korea despite the fact that Vietnam and the US used to be enemies in the past. The case of Vietnam and the US can be considered a practical example of two countries working together and leaving behind their past grievances.

More interestingly, both Vietnam and North Korea are communist countries. Vietnam has quickly developed and become one of the fastest growing economies in Asia while their party still remains the absolute power.

Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City
Dong Dang Railway Station

Another reason why the summit is hosted in Vietnam is that Vietnam is a highly secure country with its capital – Hanoi which has been recognized as a City for Peace by UNESCO in 1999 making it the only city in Asia Pacific granted this title.

Given the fact that the two top leaders aim to reach a mutual agreement on denuclearization, Hanoi – the city for Peace of Vietnam becomes such a perfect venue for the summit.  – Information from BBC.

Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City
Tran Quoc Pagoda – the oldest pagoda in Hanoi

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3. What awaits President Kim Jong-un on the 170-km route from Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City?

The route from Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City is about 170 km long and it takes more than 2 hours to reach city center. This is such a stunning route on which the President will be welcomed with various highlight destinations of the beautiful Vietnam. Let’s discover one by one.

Lang Son Province:

The first stop on Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City is Lang Son Province. Dong Dang Station is the last station on the line before the Friendship Pass border crossing with Pingxiang Guangxi in China. The railway station is located in Lang Son Province, a northeastern province which is an important historical witness which observed the glory of Vietnam in the past. The province has plenty of interesting things which promise to bring you a lot of memorable experiences.

Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City
Dong Dang Railway Station

Lang Son Province has a great collection of mineral, forestry, tourism and trading. Star aniseed (hoa hoi) is a specialty. The province has many enticing cultural and historical vestiges including Rampart of Mac Dynasty, Doan Citadel Vestige, Chi Lang Defile, Ky Cung and Bac Le temples. Besides, Ky Lua Market, To Thi and Mau Son mountains, Tam Thanh, and Nhi Thanh grottoes also attract many visitors all year round. There are a lot of people coming to Ky Lua and Tam Thanh Market for shopping due to the abundance and good price of items.

The colorful Ky Lua festival

Visiting here, you can take part in Ky Lua or Long Tong traditional festivals and try out the local yummy dishes roast duck, roast pig, Mau Son wine and lam rice.

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Bac Giang Province:

Passing Lang Son Province on Dong Dang Railway Station to Hanoi City, now you are in Bac Giang Province which is about 50 km (from Bac Giang City center) to the east of Hanoi City. Bac Giang is a northeastern part of Vietnam possessing many beautiful sites and vestiges such as Khe Ro Primitive Forest, Suoi Mo Site, Xuong Giang Ancient Citadel, Cam Son Lake and Khuon Than Resort.

Bac Ninh Province:

Next stop on the route is Bac Ninh Province. Bac Ninh is located in the Red River Delta Region which is about 30km to the west of Hanoi. Here is the home of Buddhism in Vietnam. Buddhism came into this land so early; however, it really bloomed brightly on Ly Dynasty. When visiting here, you will be impressed by a system of old pagodas and temples which reflect all the cultural characters and architecture of Buddhism. Some outstanding pagodas and temples you can visit are Keo Pagoda, Dau Pagoda, But Thap Pagoda, Phat Tich Pagoda, Do Temple, etc.

The province has enticing cultural traditional and festival of Kinh Bac people with the famous love-duet singing as well as spring festivals of ethnic groups. It is now the beginning of Lunar New Year when there are a lot of cultural festivals hosted in the province. Head to Bac Ninh Province and immerse yourself into the colorful local festival here.

Hanoi City:

Now you are in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam – the city for Peace. Coming to Hanoi this time, you are welcomed by its cool weather with scattered drizzles which is utterly typical for Hanoi’s spring. Follow our guide to fulfill your trip in such a fascinating capital city.

One-pillar Pagoda in Hanoi – Photo from Internet

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The US-North Korean summit takes place from February 27-28th in Hanoi in which Hanoi Cultural Palace is selected to be the press center where there are number of international journalists coming to report the summit. We wish the US-North Korean summit to be greatly successful.

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