Fine dinning Hanoi – Creating an ultimate luxury

Noiseless, no bustling like Sai Gon, Hanoi still keeps it peaceful for many years. With many unique luxury restaurants to serve the increasingly “fastidious” cuisine of diners. Stay tuned and find yourself the best choice for the ideal fine dinning Hanoi.

1. El Gaucho – A missing piece a fine dinning Hanoi.

Fine dinning Hanoi
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El Gaucho has been known as the most famous restaurant with top class quality of Hanoi. In particular, this Argentinian-style restaurant impresses diners with architectural design. It also has branches all over the world.

This is the ideal destination for gourmets who are passionate about high-class food. For formal business meeting, or couples with romantic dating. Average price for each customer when coming here is quite high, about 500,000 – 1 million VND / person (~ $25 – $50)

In details, the main dish is delicious beef steaks, like “high-class”. So there are also big differences with regular steaks. In addition, El Gaucho is famous for homemade sausages, breads, salads, and especially fine wines.

  • Address: Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

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2. TungLok Heen.

Fine dinning Hanoi
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Tunglok Heen is a luxurious restaurant located in the Convention and Cuisine Center, in the campus of Vinhomes Riverside, Long Bien, Hanoi. This is also a famous global brand with the legendary chef, Susur Lee.

This restaurant has including an architectural design, Chinese cuisine. Extremely luxurious and classic for a real fine dinning Hanoi. In particular, space is nicely decorated and chefs understand the true cuisine. Unique dishes of TungLok Heen are enough to stimulate sense of every diners.

Tunglok Heen is famous for traditional dim sum, specialty fish abalone, Mao Dai wine … In addition, you can enjoy the delicious dishes of Guangdong such as dumplings, mushroom rolls, scooped bean sprouts fried shrimp, pancake with fried pork, salmon balls, scallops …

3. Long Dinh Restaurant – The old restaurant for fine dinning Hanoi.

Fine dinning Hanoi
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Long Dinh is one of Hanoi’s oldest and most luxurious restaurants. It created its own brand for gourmets.

This restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine with over 300 unique dishes made by famous chefs. Besides, the design art of Long Dinh’s interior decoration also exudes a unique style.

Moreover, this spacious and airy restaurant is really luxurious. Making it be an ideal destination for high-class customers. Hence, average price for you to enjoy the food here ranges from 350,000 – 800,000 VND / person ( $15 – $30).

  • Address: Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

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4. French Grill.

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French Grill is a luxurious and classy French-style restaurant. Located in the main lobby of JW Marriott hotel. For instance, It was voted as one of the best French-style restaurants in Hanoi.

Coming here, you are not only enjoy the food, but also witness the fascinating performances of culinary arts. Specifically, dishes are made from high-quality ingredients, including pan-fried foie gras, French onion soup, Australian beef … Average price is 990,000 VND / person (~ $ 50). On the other hand, you can also pay more 990,000 VND (~ $50) to drink wine and enjoy French oysters.

  • Address: JW Marriot Hotel’s lobby, Do Duc Duc Street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

5. Su Buffet.

Photo by hye.nhinhh98

Coming to Su Buffet, all diners will feel overwhelmed by unique architecture. Certainly, this way of designing with delicious foods has helped Su Buffet to become one of the high-class restaurants in Hanoi that attracts many customers. Average price from 300.000 – 450.000 VND/pax ( ~ $15 – $25).

  • Address: No 64, Nguyen Du, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

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6. Press Club – Enjoy fine dinning Hanoi in a club?

Photo by mdnguyen87vn

First of all, Press Club is an ideal place for business appointments, diplomats and international visitors. Indeed, this is also a good place to enjoy foods with a comfortable, luxurious and elegant setting.

Besides famous French cuisine, diners can also enjoy many delicious dishes based on chemical principles.

In conclusion, these are suggestions from GoAsiaDayTrip about list of the best fine dinning Hanoi. Hope you have a good choice and have delicious meals with lots of fun with friends and family.

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