Hanoi drinks for ideal cool days

Updated July, 2022

On the days of Hanoi entering the heat wave up to 40 degrees Celsius. Everyone must prepare for some “security” to effectively cool down such as milk tea, shaved ice syrup,… However, temporarily ignore the eye-catching Hanoi drinks. People still dedicate a favor to another “treasure” that has excellent cooling ability, which are the traditional drinks that are familiar to Ha Thanh people. Use from summer to summer, or year to year. Hanoi this season is no rain. But absolutely will not be indispensable list of simple Hanoi drinks that help “cool down” effectively below!

Sau juice – Top of Hanoi drinks.

Hanoi drinks
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Summer is also the time when Hanoi is in Sau season. Even when it take the first place in the list of the most favorite drinks of Ha Thanh people. Sau is carefully selected, large fruit filter, has a sour taste. Then, soaked with sugar and a little ginger for months, even years to produce sour, sweet and sour juice.

This juice just needs to be diluted with the perfect ratio. Adding a little ice, or a little coconut will produce a cup of Sau juice with extremely sweet and sour “catching” the mouth. The happiest is that after enjoying the cool cup of Sau juice a couple of three crispy pickled Sau. Eating and feeling the sweet and sour taste intertwined in the oral cavity, the feeling of extreme coffee.

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Tapioca – Bột sắn.

Hanoi drinks
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In Hanoi, people have strange ways of processing cassava flour. In other places, people often leave cassava flour or marinated with jasmine and drink water to have fragrance. Particularly in Hanoi, people marinate with grapefruit flowers. A simple flower with a special fragrance, which is not available anywhere and long time ago. Tapioca flour after drying will be broken into small capsules, white, stocky, compacted. Just waiting to meet the water to melt to form a great beverage to help heat effectively.

When enjoying, in addition to the cool feeling that tapioca brings. You can also see the faint aroma of grapefruit flowers in every sip of water. Helping to dispel the fatigue on this hot summer day.

Lotus gruel.

Hanoi drinks
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Once upon a time, lotus gruel was a drink enjoyed only by royalty. But today, it has become a simple but no less elegant drink. Associated with the enjoyment of tea and tea of Hanoi people. Each young bud was inherently fragrant, now it is marinated with lotus rice taken from the West Lake lotus flower. Wrapped in a lotus leaf, which has greatly improved the fragrance. Lotus gruel makes people fall in love with it because of the unique smell of the lotus in each sip of gruel. Lingering on the tip of the nose and after enjoying it, the aroma remains in the oral cavity for a long time.

Lemon Tea – Street style of Hanoi drinks.

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Lemon tea is a cheap drink associated with the night sitting on the sidewalk of the youth. The right lemon tea is the perfect combination of the bitterness of the romantic tea. Or the sourness of fresh lemon, the aromatic aroma of jasmine, and the sweet taste of honey drops.

Summer is best enjoyed at night wandering around the city. Sipping a pair of lemon tea with sunflower seeds, with friends telling stories in the sky on the earth, the heat soon dispersed. Lemon tea on the sidewalk has thus become a very unique culture of Hanoi that is rare to have anywhere.

Robust tea – Nuoc Voi.

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If you talk about the effective cooling drinks that are familiar to Hanoi people. Many people probably will think of Robust tea. It is actually similar to tea. But to incubate such a warm water, people need the seeds of the dried tree flower buds. Water has a specific aroma of the flower, gently faintly but enough to impress an unforgettable enjoyment. People call this a country with a simple aroma, gentle but pure as the soul of Vietnamese people. The taste is sweet, but not “harsh” like other teas and teas. Drinking tap water for a few more ice cubes will ensure you will feel extremely cool and cool.

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Robust tea is a type of water sold relatively popular in some sidewalk water shops along the streets. Traditional markets or even in cafes, it is used as a “appetizer” beverage while waiting for the coffee. It usually cost from 3000 – 5000 depending on the place of sale, so you can comfortably enjoy.

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