Hanoi Fact: 5 unusual things to love Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital city as well as the first touch-point of Vietnam with many travelers. Quite different than bustling, crowded city like HoChiMinh, Hanoi is well known for its quite, sentimental with colonial buildings, parks and green trees, oddly streets and many lakes with unusual name. However, there is never enough to talk about this city since there are many things special. Here are Hanoi Fact includes 5 unusual things to love Hanoi.

1. 30th Hoang Dieu Street

30th Hoang Dieu Street – Internet Photo

The ancient villa, which was the home of Vietnam legendary, one of the most admirable General Vo Nguyen Giap. This house located on green campus with tree, fish bonds and flower gardens.

The mansion was built by the French, about 200 square meters in total area with garden and the front facing Hoang Dieu street, one of the most beautiful and quiet roads in Hanoi. The architecture of the house reflect the personality of the owner: simple, hard working and nature lover. The old- French- style mansion is located under the shade of trees, orchid garden and a big fish tank in the garden corner. Especially, when the General was still healthy, he often walked and watered trees along the small road to the garden.

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2. Lotus Flowers in West Lake

Hanoi Fact
Lotus Flower-Dai Phong

The lotus is a beautiful sight of Vietnam. This flower play an important role in Vietnam spirit and culture so it appear everywhere in art, architecture, fashion and design. Every summer, like a habit, young people in Hanoi tend to get up early,  then wander around West Lake, watch the sunrise and things that can not miss is watching the lotus in West lake. In the cool atmosphere, faint lotus scent will make you forget about the busy life out there and deep into beautiful lotus flowers scenery.

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3. Shopping in local market at early morning

Hanoi Fact
Morning Market – Mạnh Nghiêm

Early in the morning about 3AM to 4 AM, you can feel a different Hanoi while walking through wholesale market like: Long Bien or Dong Xuan market. The scene of vendor in Hanoi working with fresh, delicious batch of vegetables, meat, fruits definitely give you a new perspective about Hanoi. This fact will keep you and Hanoi more closed with each others.

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4. Sidewalk Cafe

Sidewalk Cafe – Internet Photo

Coming to Hanoi, it is impossible not to go to sidewalk cafe. Hanoi still maintain undisputed center of Cafe Culture in Vietnam. While modern – style coffee shop is growing, traditional sidewalk cafe still full from morning to midnight. This cafe is suitable for all ages, who linger for hours than just need a single class. All you need is sit on small street, with a plastic chair and glass of black coffee. Watching the sun and bustling people going around is enough to bring you the wonderful taste of about Hanoi. However, it is difficult to find and enjoy sidewalk cafe so take a Hanoi One Day Tour can be a good choice.

5. Buy flowers from flower bikes

Flower Bike – Ha Doan

It is not difficult to see the blooming flowers on the streets of Hanoi. Hanoi have 4 seasons, so you can choose different types of flowers for each seasons. Peach Blossoms in the spring, Lily in April, Lotus for a sunny summmer and Daisies in late November or early December.

It is not surprise if someone tell you it is spring or autumn just by looking at flower bicycles on Phan Dinh Phung Street. Flower bikes has become special feature of Hanoi. Therefore, people who live far from the capital will deeply remember the city once they see the flowers bikes. It is not compulsory but can’t anyone help stopping the car and choosing a bunch of colorful flowers? Flower Bikes definitely is a fact that make Hanoi become more poetic and romatic.

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