Hanoi winter – What should you do?

Updated July, 2022

The first cold days always bring a memorable feeling. In Vietnam, a tropical country, nothing is sweeter than the feeling of walking out on the monsoon. Winter is a specialty of Hanoi, which people remember the most when traveling away. Just think, after hot days with urban dusty and the typical sweltering of the tropics. The Northeast monsoon winds are like “saving” for those who are tired and exhausted. Therefore, when Hanoi winter comes, people were fluttering and eager to look forward to it. Even a long time ago, there was an unwritten list of things that people would do these days. Things that they can usually do on a regular day. But surely, it will be more meaningful and more complete if done in the early cold breeze.

1. Trying grilled food – Warm-up inside in Hanoi winter.

The regular invitation during the first days of Hanoi winter is always: Let’s eat grilled food! Feeling in the night, chattering together among chilly monsoon. Then sitting with friends around the charcoal grill and spicy barbecue will be one of the best experience which you have to try when coming to Hanoi in winter. Burning coals, the warmth emanating with the smell of aromatic barbecue. You are almost rubbing the pieces of meat up and down to avoid burning. Honestly, what more do you need at a Hanoi winter night?

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2. Trying Pork rib porridge (Cháo sườn).

Hanoi winter
Photo by Baomoi.com

In the winter evenings, people often invite each other to eat grilled food. But in the afternoon, no snacks beat pork rib porridge to become the most favorite dish on cold days. A hot bowl of porridge, crunchy. Just eat and you have to blow up the spoon porridge and curb the appetite has reached the peak. It is truly the most perfect dish, the most suitable for you to enjoy in the gloomy winter afternoon.

3. Dress well when going out.

Hanoi winter
Photo by Crystal Phuong

All summer make friends with shorts, T-shirts. Until the autumn months are a bit cold, you also can not wear a jacket because autumn of Hanoi … is actually not cold. That’s why, when the first monsoon winds come, it’s a good time to take out the winter clothes. Then, eagerly mix and take some cool photos.

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4. Wake up late – The most wonderful thing in Hanoi winter.

Hanoi winter
Photo by Hanoi Online

It is cold and you have a day off? Not having to go out in the morning? There is no more wonderful feeling. Repeat, there is no better feeling than this feeling right now, when you just wake up. Your surroundings are still freezing and you are buried in the blanket warm. And make sure that you can close your eyes to sleep for at least 2-3 hours.

5. Tasting ice-cream.

Hanoi winter
Photo by dulichHaiDuong

People often like to do difficult things. So, when it gets colder, more and more people like to eat ice cream. Why? It’s not that eating ice cream in winter is unique. Maybe just because of the special feeling of being in the cold. Gnawing on ice cream and shivering with pleasure.

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6. Going to the West lake for a monsoon.

Photo by Live.static from Flickr

Another confusing hobby of the young. It is on the winter day, driving together to West Lake … to enjoy the monsoon. Winter West Lake is not as beautiful as autumn. It has a gloomy appearance, a gloomy color with the water surface and gray sky. The wind is terrifying and splashed on continuously. But that much could not make the young lose the feeling of wanting to sit in the immense sea and sky. Gnawing on the monsoon winds coming ashore. The reason is countless. They like to go there to hug their “partner” for warmer, more romantic. Lonely people go there to feel more sad, feel more lonely. And romantic souls probably simply want to enjoy the moment of precious season delivery.

7. Eating Hotpot – specialty of Hanoi winter.

Photo by Foodpanda

You will not spend the winter in Hanoi completely if you have not … eaten hotpot. Similar to eating grilled food, eating hot pot is one of the special pleasures of winter. There is no group of friends who do not like to gossip with the hotpot and fresh dishes. Even the annoyance of having your hair and clothes smelling hotpot won’t stop your stomachs from starving.

8. Tasting hot winter coffee.

Photo by We25

With the influence of Western culture. The image of freezing cold winter sitting in a cafe looking out the door has become one of the images that Vietnamese young people like … most reproduced. And yes, there is nothing better on these cold days, when you suddenly have a free day. You can sleep late, eat well and leisurely into a warm, familiar coffee. Sip a hot cup of coffee and can (pretend) read a book.

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