Sapa day trip – How to fulfill one day journey in the town

With just a day, you can enjoy the bitter cold of the hazy of Sapa, or soak up in the warm sunshine on the top of O Quy Ho Pass. Keep on exploring the checklist of Sapa day trip with us!

sapa train station - sapa day trip

1. Departure for Sapa from Hanoi:

It is pretty easy for you to get to Sapa from Hanoi. You can take the train from Hanoi at night and arrive at Lao Cai Station in the early morning, then rent a car or take a bus to Sapa Town. Or you can buy bed bus tickets to go straight from Hanoi to Sapa Town.

a misty sapa

2. When arriving in Sapa Town:

Come to Sapa since dawn, you will see the whole town lost in the mist. The first stop you should look at is the Stone Church structure was built in 1895 by French. In this area, there are a lot of restaurants. You can choose any place to enjoy breakfast.

rustic charm in the town

3. Discover best villages in Sapa:

With a limited amount of time, you should only choose one of the two villages, Cat Cat or Ta Van to visit interesting. Cat Cat Village near the center, you can walk down. There is a beautiful waterfall named Love near the village, on the way you also have a chance you observer the houses and discover the daily life of the ethnic people. You can know how they weave fabric, dyed fabric, made of bronze jewelry.

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local village - sapa day trip

And if you want to go to Lao Chai – Ta Van, it’s better to rent a motorbike because it is located a little bit far from the centre. Along the way leading to the village, you will admire the terraced rice fields in sequence, and immerse into the peace of the nature, the earth and sky.


4. Itinerary after lunch – Sapa day trip:

After lunch and rest, you start the journey to conquer O Quy Ho Pass. Located on Highway 14D, which is about 12 km to the west of the town center, this is the attractive place where people can comfortably take photo or admire the whole Sapa Town from the distance. If you are adventure lover you should not miss this while in Sapa.

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hoang lien son national park - sapa day trip

Go through the gate of Hoang Lien Son National Park and Silver Waterfall, you will admire the breathtaking view of O Quy Ho Pass. It is also known by the name Heaven Gate. From a height of 2,073 m above sea level, you will admire the sea of clouds floating. On clear days, the warm rays let you see the town in the distance.

o quy ho pass - sapa day trip

You should return soon, because when the sun is off, the road from O Quy Ho to the town very dark and dangerous. Moreover, make the most of your time, because Sapa is still the wonderful place waiting to be explored. Ham Rong Mountain is located behind Sapa Stone Church, with a total area of nearly 150 hectares. From here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the charming panoramic view of Sapa.

sapa view

5. Sampling Sapa specialties:

To Sapa, you can’t ignore the specialties. If you travel in a big group, you should go to a restaurant, order a steaming pot of salmon and enjoy strongest taste of fresh fish, served with local herbs. Additionally, street food is also delicacies traditionally attracting tourists. There are many foods for you to choose with quite reasonable prices.

sapa food - sapa day trip

Head to Sapa food court to eat up all yummy Sapa food. Let’s see how much your body can take.

6. Relaxing after dark – Sapa day trip:

After all day long of wandering, you must have been tired. There is a therapy that Vietnamese and foreign tourists arriving in Sapa prefer is dipping foot in herbal bath and massage. Warm water and fragrant from the special leaves will help you refreshing, dispels all the fatigue.

sapa at night - sapa day trip

Sapa is also very beautiful at nights. You can walk along the streets. This is also when you can choose for yourself and loved ones of souvenirs like bracelet, brocade blanket which you easily find out at the pavement stall. You can visit a bar, pub or enjoy a cocktail to a cup of hot cocoa while waiting for the car, to return to Hanoi.

hmong sisters bar - sapa day trip

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