How to book transfer services on GoAsiaDayTrip site

GADT is looking forward to developing private transfer service network throughout Southeast Asia. Our services are available in the many countries: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines. Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar … Using private transfer service may actually bring more tourists convenience of time, flexibility in pick-up and drop-off points. So, you just follow the steps below to make your trip a lot easier:
Start at home page. You can see a title of Airport Transfers at the right button (link here:  Click it and follow steps under:


1. STEP 1

Fill in the details:
– Where: with the information up to you:
+ Transfer type: Return or one way
+ Country: South East Asia countries
+ Airport: you will land
+ Drop off location: for example, your hotel in Hanoi city.
– When you arrive and depart (date and time)
– And the last is Who you go with to opt a suitable car.
A sample for you:

step 1

Then click GET QUOTE to continue.

step 1.1

2. STEP 2

: Access this section, you will note 2 sections:
– Above section is where you can have the first overview of your service with Routes, Date and time, No of pax. If any changes, choose Change Quote and adjust it.

step 2.1

Besides, some advantages included as well as duration for this route will be ticked under (Meet and greet, Taxes and fees, Free cancellation, Tolls and Gratuity)

step 2.2

– Select your vehicle Type: you can choose a car you want which fit to your luggage, no paxes … And then press Book now to next steps.

step 2.3

3. STEP 3

Now we need your information to process and serve you at the best:
• Enter your details

step 3.1 • Enter your transfer details

step 3.2 • Review your purchase

step 3.3
NOTE THAT: While you review you should mind a question “Do you have a coupon code?” If you have a code in valid time, choose it and then one box will appear. Now, type your coupon code in. The discount value will be applied and the original price will be replaced with new lower price.
• Select Payment Method

Step 4 Note that: We accept to make payment by Paypal
Then, tick 2 boxes below for privacy and security policy and PROCEED TO PAYMENT

step 4.1



4. STEP 4

We will send you an email for confirmation.
For refund and cancellation policy, read carefully on our website

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