Kuala Lumpur – A great city you must see

Kuala Lumpur, listed as one of attractions below many places I’m quite sure that you normally heard good things about.  A Penang of amazing food and the beautiful island of Langkawi. But personally, it may be the best option you should stopover while visiting this country.

  1. Moderate city

Malaysia is much more advanced than any other South East Asia country we’ve visited. There might be something expected similar to Bangkok. But Kuala Lumpur is really more modern, cleaner and much less chaotic than Thailand. Thailand has definitely been busy all the time. You will see traffic jams any time with streets with full of people, transportations,.. too crowded and noisy. So if you’re finding a different place more relaxed, Kuala Lumpur is totally much better.


jalan-alor-food-street-- kuala lumpur --3


  1. Tasty food

Many of us knew that the food in Malaysia is specifically influenced by the Indian food and many other countries. When tasting dishes, I can feel flavours as well as features of some other cultural cuisines of South East Asia or even more is China culinary. It reminds me of days in India, Thailand, China so amazing and happy. Besides, like we told you many times before, you will taste the best dishes at stalls or street food. You shouldnot find restaurants (too expensive). Ask a local you accidentally meet on the street for some addresses local people usually eat. It would be greater to enjoy your meals.


  1. Convenient public transportation

Everything is getting better at traveling. You can find the public transportation in Kuala Lumpur to be so simple and efficient. You can ride a wide selections of transportation including the buses, taxis, monorail and the train, which makes you look like authentic locals during the trip. Especially, those experiences are also very cheap. Train or monorail will take you 4.20 RM for two people, equivalent to $1.17 or not even $0.60 each. And the most we paid for a taxi was 8 RM which is just over $2 USD. It’s really incredible.


  1. Highlights

Petronas Towers


China Town


Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Batu Caves

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

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