Malaysian food – A mix of culinary cultures

Malaysian food is the combination of Malay traditional food arts and other countries’ ones: Singapore, India, China,… To each destination, everyone will be able to, of course, find out culinary area attractions to taste and enjoy your meals; therefore, no two people are alike. From my experiences to the journey discovering this country with famous cities like Kuala Lumpur, Sabah,…and try to recognize its unique characteristics of cuisine for sharing anyone it’s about to call on and take time in Malaysia, below are 6 dishes I think deserved to taste most:

1. Ikan bakar

malaysian food - ikan bakar
Ikan Bakar

In Malaysia, “Ikan” means fish, “bakar” means grilled. So Ikan bakar means grilled fish, which is marinated with unique spices of the local people. Fresh fish are mixed with much chilli sauce banana leaves lined the bottom, then are placed over charcoal. Fish are cooked till you may smell distinct aroma and served with hot rice, and sometimes (if you want) with extra vegetables and curry dishes, dotted with soy sauce. It’s so simple and familiar to Malaysian people. Nowadays, it becomes a must-enjoy dish for many tourists. You can find it anywhere in Malaysia. But the best ones are usually made in the Eastern of this country as Sulawesi or Maluku – coastal regions

2. Salad Rojak

salad rojak
Salad Rojak

Rojak is a kind of salad made from ingredients of vegetables, fruits such as mangoes, apples, cucumbers, papaya, guava….blended with spicy sauce and salty shrimp paste and peanuts spinkled on top. The harmony of many different flavors makes it so delicious, which deserves for table companion to taste.

3. Assam Laska

assam laska
Assam Laska

This kind of noodle is one of the most savoury dish of Malaysian cuisine. Its broth is made from tamarind, with fish, cucumber, papaya and a little of basil. You may try it anywhere you visit in Malaysia.

4. Nasi lemak

nasi lemak
Nasi Lemak

When you come to culinary of Malaysia, you certainly can not forget the name” Nasi lemak”. The ‘national’ rice dish may appear at all streets, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, schools… with very simple recipes. I have an opportunity to watch the process of this meal. Cooked rice is covered by a layer of coconut milk to get fat and delicious taste characteristics, which usually served with crunchy roasted peanuts salted, dried fish or dried venison, extra chili sauce. If you would like one after back home, you may cook it for yourself or your friends or family.

5. Roti canai

roti canai
Roti Canai

Roti canai originated from India but it become a familiar part of breakfasts of Malaysian or anytime you like. Flour, eggs and ghee ( butter melting) are mixed and flatted on baking pan, then folded. It’s usually served hot, with crispy crust and soft bowel. So attractive!

6. Batu Maung satay – Meat skewer

batu maung satay
Batu Maung Satay

You will try a dish of some kinds of meat and seafood marinated and grilled on charcoal. This plate will delicious with fragrant attracting tourists. Finding those barbecue stalls is so easily – on every street corner, may you can see piles of meat skewers available to serve the best ones to you.

7. Curry laska

curry laksa
Curry Laksa

It’s cooked with coconut milk and greasy curry and own pungent taste. Besides, you may add to it fish, shrimp, scallops….served together with noodle. After completion of making its flavours, curry laska is decorated with chopped leaves. Well, you have had a perfect bowl of curry laska. It’s much better when you are served with fish Otak-Otak. Let’s taste and enjoy your meal.

8. Roti Jala cake

roti jala cake
Roti Jala Cake

Would you like a strange taste in few days in Malay? Roti jala is not a bad choice. This is one of the very popular snack, especially by youth in this country as well as tourists. Roti jala is a thin pancake, ingredients of which include coconut milk, turmeric. On the surface does a grid look like…. It is often used with fruit jams, chocolate sauce, butter or cinnamon…up to your tastes. You can easily find and ask to served it at any restaurants of Malaysia.

9. Won ton mee

won ton mee
won ton mee

It is originated from China but changed suitable for Malaysian’s tastes. This dish consists noodles, wonton cooked and some slices of pork and broth. I heard there are some types of processing wonton noodles but the dry one is well known as the more distinctive and more tasty than others. It’s nice to try one time.

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