Most beautiful islands in Thailand


Most beautiful islands in Thailand

Summer is just around the corner and there are no other places more charming than those beautiful islands with crystal clear water, soft white sand dunes and swaying palm trees. If you are planning your summer vacation but have not decided on where to visit, these popular beautiful islands in Thailand are definitely the answers for you. They will surely give you the most memorable trips as one can easily feel at home here no matter they prefer romantic and quiet places or those with party vibes.


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1. Koh Tao

beautiful islands
Koh Tao

This is undoubtedly the ideal island for scuba diving lovers. Koh Tao offers the perfect weather, perfect beach and everything that one needs to join PADI course and explore the underwater adventure. People can find colorful corals here together with numerous sea animals such as sharks, rays and also different kinds of marine life. In addition, Koh Tao is also the favorite spot of those who love outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking; plus, it is also one of the most beautiful islands with marvelous scenery at night, decorated by picturesque restaurants around and dive shops as well.


2. Koh Chang

beautiful islands
Koh Chang

Being the third largest island in the country, Koh Chang is not located in the south like the majority of Thai islands but it is near the border of Cambodia. Literally meaning Elephant Island, Koh Chang is a wonderful place for discovering the national park, together with jungle trekking or waterfall exploring. There are quite some more remote beaches around such as Had Sai Noi or the traditional fishing village in Salakkok Bay. Koh Chang provides a totally different vibe from other beautiful islands in Thailand, so do not forget to put this into your bucketlist.


3. Koh Samet

beautiful islands
Koh Samet

Another island being a part of a national park is Koh Samet. This island is not so faraway from the capital city, Bangkok, and it has amazingly wonderful sand beaches together with breathtaking view of more than 16 beaches. Each one of them has its own unique personality, such as Ao Noina, Ao Phutsa or Au Nuan with a tranquil atmosphere and comfortable stay, while Hat Sai Kaew or Ao Hin Khok being popular for those water activities like swimming and windsurfing.


4. Similan Islands

beautiful islands
Similan Islands

If you are into island hopping, then Similan Islands could totally become your base for all your trip. Koh Similan and Koh Miang are such well-known destinations for reef exploring and white sand beaches that feel like stepping on feathers. This place is also home to an amazing dive site of the world, as you just need to take a boat excursion to Richelieu Rock for one of the greatest experiences.


5. Phuket

beautiful islands

Probably there’s no need to say anything else about Phuket, as it is one of the most popular and beautiful islands in the whole country. Being the favorite place for most tourists, this island has everything you need, from starred restaurants to luxurious resorts with your private butlers. Although being flooded by plenty of travelers, it still keeps to itself some of the greatest beaches ever where you can feel at home, while sunbathing on loungers or hopping to some beach bars around. Plus, Phuket is known for its shopping centres, golf courses and history museums as well. On a side note, you can also take a longtail boat for a distinctive day trip to James Bond Island.


Hereby, we, GoAsiaDayTrip, have listed some of the most beautiful islands in a country situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand. Enjoying your summer trip ahead with your beloved people with these places will surely not make you disappointed.

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