How to move from Bangkok airport to city center

Bangkok is one of the main tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. There are two airports in this city: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. Below GoAsiaDayTrip will introduce the way to moving from Bangkok airport to the city center.

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport

There are three main ways to travel between Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and the central Bangkok area:

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    Airport Rail Link

This transportation is only in new Bangkok airport
This transportation is only in new Bangkok airport

This is a special tram service that runs from Suvarnabhumi to city center and vice versa, operating from 6 am to midnight. There are two direct routes called SA Express with the time between the two locations is from 15 to 18 minutes, the price of one way is 150 baht. There is also a slower City Line, stopping at 6 stations on the itinerary, but the total journey time is only 30 minutes, one way ticket is 45 baht. If you do not want to go to the last station then the fare is 15 baht per station.

Two Airport Rail Link Express routes take you directly to Phetchaburi Station MRT Station and BTS Phayathai Skytrain Station. Also, the City Line passes through 6 stations, taking you to the last station of BTS Phayathai Station.

When leaving the customs area at Suvarnabhumi Airport, go down to the basement level on the first floor to find the Airport Rail Link and buy tickets there.

  1. Taxi

Taxis are available in the airport but sometimes they do not know way to pick you up.
Taxis are available in the airport but sometimes they do not know way to pick you up.

The taxi runs from Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok 24 hours a day. When you take a taxi, you pay the following fees: a tip for a driver of 50 baht (optional), tolls and taxi fares are displayed on the front of the driver. In sum, you will need to pay between 350 and 400 baht for a 40 minute taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok airport to central area. However, let’s calculate the time widely because in Bangkok, traffic jams are common.

The taxi station is located at Entry Level 4 on the first floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport.

  1. Bus

The non-stop direct bus route from Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok is no longer available, so you can only use one of the regular buses. Bus hours are from 4, 5 am to 10 pm, 11 pm. A total of 11 routes run to Bangkok and the surrounding areas, of which two are particularly convenient:

Line 551 – Suvarnabhumi Airport – Victory Monument

Line 552 – Suvarnabhumi Airport – Skytrain On Nut BTS Station

These routes take about an hour to reach the terminus in inner-city Bangkok. There is also a line running from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang Domestic Airport for those who wish to move to other provinces in Thailand by low cost airlines:

Line 554 – Suvarnabhumi Airport – Don Muang Airport

Bus 554 connects 2 airports
Bus 554 connects 2 airports

You can also take the free shuttle bus between gates 2 and 3 (2nd floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Don Muang Airport. Note that if you want to board this shuttle bus you must have a ticket for the Don Muang flight.

Bus fares range from 24 to 70 baht, depending on the type of bus (public bus or public van) and station you stop. To catch the bus, you need to catch a shuttle bus on the second floor (port number 5) or first floor (gates 3 and 8) to get to the Public Transport Center and take the bus from there.

  1. Other ways

There are also limousines and airport shuttle services of GoAsiaDaytrip. This service is very convenient and comfortable because you don’t need to be worried about being lost or wasting time in the Bangkok airport. All the setup will be followed by your demand but with the reasonable price. You can register here for more information of booking service in advance.

Don Muang Bangkok Airport

  1. Taxi

meter taxi walkthrough
Meter taxi walkthrough

Taxis are the most convenient way to get from Don Muang Bangkok Airport to center. In Don Muang, you may have to queue for quite a long time to catch a taxi. Don Muang Airport is about 24 km from Bangkok, and the taxi runs between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on traffic conditions. You will pay between 400 and 350 baht (plus an airport fee of 50 baht) for a taxi ride. Take taxi ride in the lobby to international and domestic guests at Don Muang BAngkok Airport.

  1. Bus

Don Muang Bangkok airport bus
Don Muang Bangkok airport bus

There are many bus routes from Don Muang to central Bangkok, but remember that in Bangkok there is often a traffic jam, especially in the central area during peak hours. Therefore, the best way is to combine the bus and the Skytrain. Take bus A1 or A2 (30 baht fare) at Don Muang Bangkok Airport to Mo Chit. Here you switch to BTS Skytrain from Mochit Station to Siam and other central areas. Note that if you have a lot of luggage, moving them over the skytrain station will be a big deal. In that case, just sit on the bus to the last station, North East Bus Station, where you can take a taxi to the center.

Buses A1 and A2 run from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm, taking 60 to 80 minutes to Bangkok. You have to take bus at the entrance of the arrival hall.

  1. Trains

Train is not popular because it's oldẻ and slower than modern transportation.
Train is not popular because it’s oldẻ and slower than modern transportation.

Trains run from Don Muang to Hua Lam Phong MRT station near Bangkok’s Chinatown. However, the train is very slow and crowded, so it is not very popular with tourists.

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