New Destination Not To Be Missed In Ho Chi Minh

New Destination Not To Be Missed In Ho Chi Minh

Floating in the river about 10 minutes, you will have an opportunity to trek along the Vietnam longest and most beautiful path through the forest, take in the views of the beauty of Tan Lap green mangrove forest.

Tan Lap Melaleuca forests also called as Tan Kap floating village in Moc Hoa District, Long An Province, about 120 km from Ho Chi Minh City. It is interesting destination for visitors every weekend by fresh space, appealing food, and reasonable cost.

Tan Lap floating villages has the beauty of the countryside with huge mangrove forests, airy waterways space and extremely cool. In the afternoon, from the rice paddies looming behind the mangrove, there are local burning straw, smoking around, creating a mysterious scene of mangrove forest, full of charm.

New Destination Not To Be Missed In Ho Chi Minh

There is only a single cottage in mangrove forests, where visitors stopped to rest, enjoying a few popular dishes of the West River area.

Experience trekking on concrete path through the mangrove forest which is built 1 metre above the sea level will be an interesting feeling. You can pose, photograph check-in, and enjoy the idyllic and wild scenery along the travel.

This destination is not to miss in HCMC, and you know what, Halong bay is regarded to be not be missed in Vietnam! Lets’s take a chance with our Halong bay tour from Hanoi!

New Destination Not To Be Missed In Ho Chi Minh

One of the attractions that you should not ignore is the 38 m high watch tower – where you can get the whole scene of mangrove forests. Standing on the tower, you can feel the wind blowing from the forests, cool, carry the smell of the fields, smoke assimilated into the fresh air of forests, makes you feel comfortable, pleasant.


Shown is the first watchtower, 38 meters high. There are total 2 watch tower on mangrove forest, standing on this side of you see clearly the other tower. From there, visitors can see the whole 5 km path through the mangrove forest.

In the rainy season, the road through the forest is seemed to put on a new mantle of green moss covered walkways, creating extremely poetic scene.


In the dry season, the leaves of mangrove trees fell down all the way, the excursions will be more rustling of dry leaves when you walking. Because of this feature many people call this path as “the way of love”.

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