Nha Trang travel guideline for a nice trip

Nha Trang is a coastal city in the central province of Khanh Hoa. This is considered one of the long-standing sea tourism cities of Vietnam. If you have ever been there, you will easily be “knocked down” by the charm and dynamic of this beautiful coastal city.

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    When to travel?

Nha Trang has a tropical monsoon climate, but is also dominated by oceanic climate. Therefore, Nha Trang climate is relatively moderate, not as harsh as in the North and not as erratic as in the South. Winter here is less cold, summer usually lasts but hot sun is not too harsh. Weather also has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons. In addition, the coastal city is located in areas less affected by storms. Therefore, Nha Trang tourism year round is always ready to welcome visitors.

Nha Trang has long beach with white sand and blue water.
Nha Trang has long beach with white sand and blue water.

– From January to August 8: Dry season dominates Nha Trang city, the weather is cool, dry, airy, extremely suitable for any trip.

– September – December: In the last months of the year, Nha Trang started to welcome the rain with a cool chill. Sometimes it will affect your travel plans. Therefore, if traveling in the last months of the year, you should be equipped with the necessary items such as umbrella or raincoat.

  1. Transportation to Nha Trang

There are many means of transportation to this city such as passenger cars, airplanes, trains … You can freely choose depending on your financial ability and itinerary

  1. Transportation in Nha Trang

– Taxi: The choice of most visitors. If you choose a taxi as a means of transportation then you should choose a reputable car company like Mai Linh, Vinasun, Nha Trang, Quoc Te, Tram Huong…

– Bus: Travel around by bus is an experience that you should try with cheap price.

– Motorbikes, bicycles: You can ask for rent for 50,000 – 100.000VND / day. Note that renting motorbikes, you have to pay for gasoline yourself.

– Cable car: Compared to other vehicles, the cable car is more expensive, but faster because it is a cable car over Nha Trang Bay. Moreover, when you buy a cable car ticket, you have covered all the amusement parks in Vinpearl Land.

This is the world's longest cable-stayed cable car and also the largest cable car in the cabin (8 people)
This is the world’s longest cable-stayed cable car and also the largest cable car in the cabin (8 people)

– Boats: This is a means for you to visit the big island in Nha Trang. When buying tickets, remember to buy a return ticket, otherwise you will have to stay there. Contact Mrs. Thanh Phuong (0914204244) for advice and best price offline.

  1. Nice, good, cheap hotels

According to our cheap travel experience, you should choose hotels, guesthouses in Nguyen Thien Thuat street, Tran Phu street, Binh Tan bridge, Pham Van Dong road (husband-wife island), Nha Trang University…. Most of the hotels, inns in these areas are priced from 150,000-170,000VND / day. If you stay longer, you can negotiate for cheaper price. And please contact them before booking.

  1. Fun place in beautiful and famous Nha Trang

– Vinpearl Land: This is the “paradise of the tropics” with luxury hotels, fun sensation and 4D cinema.

– Travel 4 islands: Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Ba Tranh, Tri Nguyen Aquarium are famous sightseeing places in Nha Trang. With this service, according to travel experience in Nha Trang, you should buy tickets.

– Ninh Van Bay: The wild atmosphere is very suitable for tourists who prefer quiet, rest and relaxation. In addition, here you can also experience services such as snorkeling, coral viewing, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking…

Night a Ninh Van Bay
Night a Ninh Van Bay

– Institute of Oceanography: All the secrets of the sea are stored here. In particular, you can watch the sea creatures swim around you in a transparent aquarium.

– Mrs. Ponagar Tower: A great architectural work of Cham people. Moreover, after visiting Thap Ba, you can go to hot mineral water to experience the mud bath service.

– Dai Lanh beach: You can rent motorboats to visit the village of Khai Luong, Dam Mon, Vung Ro port … and enjoy or buy fresh seafood in these fishing villages at a very cheap price.

– Dam Market: This is the biggest market in Nha Trang. But if you want to buy something here then remember to bargain.

  1. Specialties in Nha Trang

Come to Nha Trang, you definitely have to enjoy fresh seafood here. You can buy and enjoy the size of seafood in the fishing villages around the Dai Lanh Sea, cheap and delicious.

Fish noodles is the famous dish in Nha Trang
Fish noodles is the famous dish in Nha Trang

+ Fish fried noodle: This is Nha Trang specialties that you should enjoy. With special taste, slender, delicate noodles made from mackerel and delicious broth. To enjoy this dish, you can go to address: Nam Beo fish noodles, B2 Phan Boi Chau and Loan fish noodles on Ngo Gia Tu street (Trinh Phong crossroad).

Jelly noddle brings the special taste
Jelly noddle brings the special taste

+ Noodle jelly is a specialty of Nha Trang, with clear water used in the sweet, squeezed from paralytic with white, thick, crispy jellyfish. The taste is sweet, cool and delicious. Address for you to eat soups noodles: Nam Beo noodles, Apartment building B2 Phan Boi Chau and 23 Yet Kieu. Prices range from 20-30,000 VND / bowl.

Nem is often eaten with vegetable and noodle
Nem is often eaten with vegetable and noodle

+ Nem Ninh Hoa becomes a snack in Nha Trang famous that you should not. There are two types of fermented pork roll and baked rolls, each with a distinct flavor. Enjoy address at 15 Le Loi.

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