Sapa Blog 2019 – Cloudy November in Sapa

If in October Sapa blooms like a flower in the midst of the northwest because of the yellow hills. When you interested in Sapa Blog 2019, you will see a beautiful Sapa when the whole town is immersed in the sea of clouds day and night.

Sapa tourism in November – Cloud hunting season in Sapa: Go to famous tourist destinations in Sapa such as Fansipan, heaven gate, Muong Hoa valley where visitors will only see mountain clouds, mist and fog around people. White cloud fog becomes a gift “specialty” that Sapa exclusively for travellers to stop.

Sapa Blog 2019

1. Sapa Blog 2019 – About the weather.

Sapa is located at an altitude of about 1,600m above sea level, so in November the climate here starts to be colder than the plain about 10-15 Celsius degrees. Therefore, if travelling to Sapa at this time, People should wear warm clothes to avoid health effects.

2. Top 5 spots for cloud hunting season in Sapa in November.

2.1. Rooftop of Indochina – Fansipan Mount.

As a follower of the cloud hunt, do not ignore the challenge to Fansipan to conquer the sky in November. Experience the feeling of the clouds wrapped around your body when coming to Sapa this season. Enjoying a vast sea of majestic clouds enveloping right at the top of the head is nothing better. A little bit of late autumn sunlight penetrates the clouds and descends into the valley like colorful ribbons.

Sapa Blog 2019
Fansipan Mount – Photo from bo xinh

The most beautiful cloud scene you will encounter when sitting in the cable car to the top of Fansipan. A large space around the cabin is covered with clouds, mixed with thrill through each cable without knowing when to reach the top. And when they arrived at the cable car station, a feeling of joy welled up when they first saw the “Roof of Indochina”.

Note the outfit when going to Fansipan in November: You should wear light clothes but have a high body temperature because this season’s temperature is not stable, hot and cold. Warm jackets and sneakers are two indispensable items when hiking. Do not forget to bring your phone and backup battery charger to get the best photos when hunting clouds on Fan’s peak!

If you depart from Hanoi, you can take a Sapa tour from Hanoi to Cat Cat Village which already includes transfer from the capital.

2.2. O Quy Ho Pass – One of the four great passes in Vietnam.

If you are a true backpacker and love the pass, DulichToday is sure you have conquered this O Quy Ho pass many times. Conquering O Quy Ho pass and Sapa sky gate again in November is not only to experience the feeling of downhill but also to experience the feeling of extreme cloud hunting.

Sapa Blog 2019
O Quy Ho Pass – Photo from oanhpsn

The way to O Quy Ho Pass on both sides of the road, visitors will see firsthand Sapa with a colorful array of colors. Stop to enjoy a cup of hot tea to make the sweet taste of the tea melt in your mouth and breathe the cold air of the early winter at the gates of Sapa sky (the top of O Quy Ho pass).

Note costumes and vehicles when conquering O Quy Ho pass: You should choose the means of motorbike instead of scooter because the car will help you climb stronger. Should wear comfortable, spacious, warm clothes to facilitate travel and climate in November Sapa.

2.3. Ham Rong Mountain.

Ham Rong Mountain – Photo from Adayroi

From Sapa town, visitors also only take 5 minutes drive to Ham Rong mountain. Witnessing the great scenery of thousands of majestic mountains and forests in the mist like a thin blanket covering thousands. Admire the small Sapa, surrounded by mist and clouds when coming to Ham Rong Mountain. Impressed in the mist is a quiet and lyrical Sapa.

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2.4. Villages and towns – Making your Sapa blog 2019 be more incredible.

Going to Sapa in this cloudy season, visitors also feel that Sapa is becoming more strange than ever. The city and its people are not as busy as when Sapa was in the golden season, but quietly and more slowly. Across the valleys, submerged under the freezing cold fog of early winter, the fields were filled with water spilling from above.

Cau May – Photo from

Guests can also wander into the roadside stalls to enjoy the hot cuisine in the chilly weather of the early season. A bowl of victory, an apple cider warmed the tummy of the tourists.

Travelling to Sapa in November, visitors will feel a little yellow sunshine in the late autumn, a little fog in the beginning of winter with the color of one who dresses on each small road. Sapa in November reminds someone of the aroma of apple cider scent on the tongue and the stories of the village stretching out the cold night with the flickering fire.

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