Sapa in October – The timeless charm of rice terraces

Many experienced travelers said, travelling to Sapa in October becomes an ideal choice when this land profoundly transform to such a brilliant mode. The contrast between the warm yellow color of rice field terraces and the cool weather brings a unique charm for the town. If you are waiting for the favorable time to visit Sapa, now it is high time for you. Grab your backpack and have a go now!

1. Weather of Sapa in October:

October is autumn time in Sapa with the temperature ranging from 15 – 20 Celsius degrees. In the early morning or at night, the temperature can drop below 15 degrees. Such comfortable weather backed by its spectacular scenery of rice harvest season Vietnam will surely bring you an amazing experience. Let’s see the top things to do in Sapa in October.

Sapa harvest season - sapa in october
Sapa harvest season – Internet photo

Here are some notices for you if visiting Sapa this time:

  • You should bring warm coats, socks and scarfs to use at night and early in the morning when the temperature drops.
  • Remember to bring sneakers or slip-resistant sandals for walking on the sloping terrain in Sapa, especially when going to the local villages.

2. What makes Sapa in October unique?

October becomes the most beautiful time for ripe rice season of the year. Telegraph has voted rice terraces in the northwest Vietnam as one of the 10 most colorful and magical natural landscapes in the world which visitors should experience once in a lifetime. The period from early to middle of October marks the best time for admiring Sapa harvest season. After that, locals will harvest rice very quickly in the fields. It means, we should depart for the town now. If you set off from Hanoi, you can take a Sapa tour from Hanoi. The journey lasts for around 6.5 hours.

Sapa welcomes sunrise - sapa in october
Sapa welcomes sunrise – Photo from

At this time of year, Sapa is like wearing a bright yellow coat. You can see that beauty in any street when traveling to this land. However, do not miss the golden times of terraced fields: sunrise and sunset. Each moment brings a wonderful scene and feeling:

Dawn time: When the first sunlight of the early morning wakes up from the mountains, you will feel the scenery is more subdued. The bowed ripe rice looks sparkling in the early sunshine.

Sunset time: Sunset in the northwest mountainous area in autumn always has an exclusive attraction. Fall weather makes the sky become clearer and higher. That brings bright and charming sunset to Sapa Town. The golden rice terraces seem to be mixed with red color of sunset, the green color of mountains creating a picturesque moment of nature.

Blending colors of Sapa in sunset
Blending colors of Sapa in sunset – Photo from hoanglong

3. Where to admire the timeless charm of Sapa in October?

3.1. Visit Sapa villages during the rice harvest season:

In the harvest season of ripe rice, the villages in Sapa look like a picture immersed in the golden color of rice, a glimpse of brown roofs and winding roads. All create a peaceful landscape to welcome visitors. These beautiful villages include Cat Cat Village, Ta Van Village and Ta Phin Village.

Cat Cat Village - sapa in october
Cat Cat Village – Photo from Emmanuel Cateau

From Sapa Town center, you can rent a motorbike and drive on your own to the villages. The distance from Cat Cat, Ta Van and Ta Phin is 2km, 10km, 12km respectively. Motorcycle rental price ranges from VND 80,000 – 120,000 / day depending on the types of vehicles and self-fueling gasoline.

Besides watching the scenery, you also can discover more about the local culture. You can enjoy a less hustling pace of life, learn how to dye cloth, weave traditional fabrics of ethnic women, have fun with the children in the village.

Bring some meaningful Sapa souvenirs as gifts for your family and friends!

How about wearing an ethnic dress to take photos? There’re some stores for you to rent ethnic costumes to take pictures. Now it is time to shine in the scenic scenery! Pose and Snap!

3.2. Conquer Fansipan Peak – immersed into the sea of clouds:

Conquering Fansipan Peak throughout distance of 6292.5m, lasting for about 15-20 minutes by taking the Sun World Fansipan Legend cable car, you will admire the whole ripe rice fields of the vast Muong Hoa Valley and the majestic beauty of the mountain range – Hoang Lien Son. The scene is extremely impressive as if you are flying on the golden season of Sapa filled with poetic and artistic features.

Fansipan Peak - rooftop of Indochina - sapa in october
Fansipan Peak – rooftop of Indochina – Internet photo

Guide to visit Fansipan peak:

  • Fansipan cable car station: 3km from the center of Sapa Town
  • The latest ticket price for Sun World Fansipan Legend cable car: Adult over 1m3: VND 700,000, children under 1m3: VND 500,000, children under 1m: free

For those who love adventure, you can trek to the rooftop of Indochina. You can watch the wonderful scenery through your eyes not through the glass screen as in the cable car.

Know more about Fansipan Sapa Cable Car in this article.

Some notices:

  • The higher you go, the more cloud it gets, the temperature will drop and if the wind can make the cable swing a little, don’t worry!
  • You should limit your belongings because if you have a lot of bulky items, the management officers will not allow you to enter the cable car cabin.
  • You should wear neat and warm clothes, bring gloves, hats, scarfs because on the mountain the temperature is only about 8 degrees.
Muong Hoa Valley seen from cable car
Muong Hoa Valley seen from cable car – Photo from khamphadisan
  • After getting out of the cable car, it takes you other 20-30 minutes to climb the stairs to reach Fansipan Peak. You should both climb and then have a break and don’t need to overdo it as the distance between stairs is quite high and sloping.
  • When climbing, absolutely do not smoke because it is easy to cause forest fires.
  • Protect the stunning surroundings by not littering along the way.

3.3. Head to Sapa Heaven Gate – The peak of O Quy Ho Pass:

Sapa Heaven Gate - sapa in october
Sapa Heaven Gate – Photo from Instagram

Arriving at Sapa Heaven Gate in October, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of a vast valley with enchanting golden rice terraces, the white Silver Fall far away, the local houses and Fansipan Peak hiding in the clouds.

The road to Sapa Heaven Gate belongs to the most impressive “four great mountain passes” in Vietnam with winding and narrow roads along the side of the high cliffs. Conquering O Quy Ho Pass to reach the heaven gate is something that everyone wishes to experience once.

O Quy Ho Pass
O Quy Ho Pass – Photo from Internet

You should choose the time when the sun has rose completely to conquer O Quy Ho Pass to admire the beautiful scenery clearly in the sunshine. It is such a great idea to climb to the pass and watch sunset. However, it gets dark very quickly so please be careful when coming back to Sapa Town. Remember to bring coats, scarfs, hats and sneakers when riding to the pass due to the cold weather even at midday.

3.4. Ham Rong mountain:

Another place to capture the view of Sapa from above is Ham Rong Mountain located in the majestic Hoang Lien Son Range, about 3km from the town center. Standing on the mountain top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Sapa, Muong Hoa Valley, Ta Phin Village hidden far away and even Fansipan Peak. Entrance fee to visit: 70,000 VND / adult ticket and 20,000 VND / children under 1m2.

Ham Rong Mountain - sapa in october
Ham Rong Mountain – Photo from Internet

Sapa in October – the most beautiful ripe rice season of the year will surely bring you many impressive emotions about the beauty of the northwest Vietnam. For more instant support, you can contact us via our:

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Wish you have a great time travelling to Vietnam! And Happy October!

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