Solo travelling to Vietnam – Top 10 places

Updated July, 2022


1. Binh Ba:

Binh Ba is one of the islands in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, which retains its pristine beauty with blue sunshine, yellow sand and white sand. Coming here, visitors will be spoiled in the middle of the blue, peaceful water dreamily hugging the white sand. Many beautiful beaches, high coconut trees, soaring shade or activities of the fishing people. All will give you wonderful, interesting experiences.

Activities on the beach, snorkeling, watching the sunset, sunrise at sea, squid fishing, lobster will be great.

2. Hue – solo travelling to Vietnam:

If you are looking for a peaceful and peaceful place, Hue is the ideal choice to stop by. Coming to the ancient capital, you are open to the heart of the Perfume River drifting, with Lang Co beach in the blue, mingled with the scenery of clouds, sky and water.

Wandering alone and admiring the ancient buildings and architecture in Hue city, enjoying royal court music – an ancient cultural beauty of the nation will give you interesting feelings that no other place has.

3. Dalat:

Colorful city of love with poetic scenery is the ideal place for those who love to travel alone should set foot.

Come to Dalat to admire the lyrical scenery here with countless blooming flowers, the streets with lush green trees, or the glittering, magical early mist. The quiet roads that pass by early in the morning will make you feel light and relaxed.

4. Hoi An – solo travelling to Vietnam:

The Old Town, a UNESCO cultural heritage, is a small but quaint, peaceful city that is always loved by domestic and foreign tourists. Not only the houses are close, but the whole city hangs lanterns at night. At night, take a boat to admire the old town to see all the beauty of this city.

Coming to Hoi An, you wandering alone on the small streets, sitting on the veranda of a cafe to see the gentle life, visit the high floor, buy some pretty small souvenirs to remember the days. live slowly.

5. Cham Island, Quang Nam:

Islands with many large and small islands with cool blue sea and colorful coral system will captivate the hearts of many people. Walking on the fine white sand, watching the sunrise or sunset will make you unforgettable.

In particular, you have the opportunity to tune into the life of the fishing people with the bustling, crowded market, like pulling us back to a peaceful childhood on the countryside river with early markets.

6. Nha Trang – solo travelling to Vietnam

The beautiful coastal city is an interesting place for you to conquer and explore, even if you’re alone. Here, find a place near Tran Phu Street, so you can relax early in the morning on the beach jogging, sunbathing, catching the sun and watching the busy stream of people going to work.

You can also sign up for a 4 island tour to have a day to make new friends. Or you schedule, rent a motorbike, explore the oceanographic institute, Yersin Institute, visit Hon Chong and enjoy a cup of coffee. In the evening, do not forget to immerse yourself in the flow of people in the night market, watching the souvenirs of the sea flavor made from shells, oysters.

7. Ninh Thuan:

Ninh Thuan is a sunny and windy region with many rich produce such as grapes, apples, wine … with many famous landscapes such as Cham tower, April 16 square with many beautiful and poetic beaches full of charm like beaches Binh Tien, Ninh Chu or Ca Na. Try to experience the majestic scenery on the sea route, sand slide in Nam Cuong or immerse yourself in the idyllicness of An Hoa sheep.

Coming here, you can enjoy the feeling of walking alone, discover the delicious restaurants on the street, admire and witness the cereal making career at Bau Truc pottery village, make photo sets with the mountain goats and sunny sheep.

8. Phu Yen – solo travelling to Vietnam:

Coming to the land of “yellow flowers and green grass”, visitors will admire the many scenery of the sea with wonders, stretching beaches, white sand beaches and clear blue water such as Dai Lanh beach, Bai Mon beach, beach Xép.

In particular, the Rock Disc rapids cause the heart to beat with blocks of rocks woven like a giant honeycomb. Many beautiful, gentle bays and floating boats. All will bring unforgettable memories in everyone’s heart.

9. Con Dao:

This unspoiled, mysterious island is the place to mark a painful and tragic time of the nation during the resistance war against France and the United States.

In addition to Con Dao prison, we can explore many beautiful beaches and rocks such as Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Cau, Dam Trau, … or Ong Dung primeval forest and rich and diverse flora and fauna system.

10. Can Tho – solo travelling to Vietnam :

The Western capital with charming scenery is very suitable for a short wander. You can walk around Ninh Kieu wharf area, or to fruit gardens, or rent a boat trip to float water in Cai Rang floating market.

In Can Tho, you can also visit Phuoc Hau, Nam Nha, Ong pagodas, Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery …, many historical sites still retain many beauty and ancient architecture: ancient houses. Binh Thuy, Tay Do market. Feeling watching the night, listening to the amateurs on the slow train near Ninh Kieu wharf will bring you peace and quiet to help dispel the worries of life to mingle with peace and relaxation.

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