Songkran festival 2019 – Wander without reason

Songkran festival 2019
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No need to ask “What is the best water festival in the World?”, because all people know it’s absolutely SONGKRAN Festival in Thailand! Acually, I would like to call it is “The coolest festival in the world” (in every sense I think). Therefore, after planning carefully for Songkran festival 2019, I am ready for the coldest 4 days in Thailand! Let’s go now!


1. Where to enjoy Songkran Festival 2019?

Songkran Festival 2019
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Chang Mai is positively the most energizing spot to observe Songkran Festival. A critical social city of the nation loaded up with convention, sanctuaries, the old city and even a delightful channel. There is no spot I would prefer to be amid the Water Festival.

I truly need to change our New Years festivities here in North America. South East Asia has the correct thought. Celebrated in Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, the water celebration rings in the Traditional Thai New Year which simply happens to be the most sweltering time. It happens from April 13-15, however while we were in Chang Mai, the merriment began on 10th.

2. What is Songkran Ceremony?

Songkran Festival 2019
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There is a service and formal side to Songkran Festival. Buddha pictures are washed, youngsters pay regard to their seniors, people visit sanctuaries to implore and pour water in the hands of priests. Generally water scents with roses and it is likewise viewed as the season for spring cleaning.

Truly, there is a profound custom to the Songkran Festival and locals pay attention to that very. For instance, Songkran comprised of 4 days of strong cheer, generosity and now and again horrendously cool dousings of water.

Songkran Festival 2019
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The most energizing spot to encounter Songkran in Chang Mai is to advance toward the channel. A huge number of individuals line the road beside the water trusting that individuals will drive by. The principal couple of days appear to be sufficiently innocuous. However over the long haul the water winds up colder and colder as squares of ice add to colossal barrels of water.

3. Tips for Songkran Festival 2019.

When you wind up in a Tuk Tuk, you are in a bad position. Riding in the rearward sitting arrangement of this outside method of transportation, your driver will bring you straight down to the canal and stop consistently for people to get you from all headings.

There is no escape as you are caught. It is halt in traffic and everybody is going to hit you with all that they have until you at last proceed onward.

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Afterward, the frigid water will make you pant for air between episodes of giggling. It is totally elating and happy.

4. A true World’s Largest Waterfight.

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Men, ladies and kids ride in backs of trucks loaded up with mammoth barrels of water tossing it out at individuals as they cruise by.

People have huge squirt weapons lashed to their backs and youngsters are hopping out from behind shrouded corners squirting the clueless person on foot.

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I had an extraordinary minute amid the water celebration. Above all, the children are so lovely.

It’s truly a bonding time and vacationers are certainly an incredible target. Everybody is reasonable diversion here at Songkran. The more pleasant the suit, the wetter you get. Notwithstanding attempting to evade your way through back roads late in the day won’t bring alleviation. Individuals are all over the place.

5. Other notes.

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  • Keep your money and essential items carefully in a plastic bags not for being wet in the festival.
  • Respect Thailand locals and tourists.
  • DO NOT THROW WATER INTO MOVING TRANSPORTS. It caused many accidents each time.
  • Taking a break if the festival still take place by heading to malls. They’re safe.

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