Things to know for a Vietnam family tour

Planning for a Vietnam family tour soon? Do you also go along with your children?  Have you prepared these things for your family trip? Let’s re-list some of what you need to know for your family trip!


The best time to go for family vacation in Vietnam

The first thing you need to know before coming to Vietnam is that Vietnam is a country on an S-shaped strip of land, located in the center of Southeast Asia, in the east of the Indochina peninsula, bordering China to the north, Laos to the west, Cambodia to the southeast, overlooking the East Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the southeast.

Vietnam is a tropical monsoon country, stretching down to the Equator, but Vietnam has different natural climatic and monsoon conditions between the South and the North.

Vietnam’s climate is distributed into 3 regions: The North, The Central region and The South.

Before deciding to travel, we should also consider when to go for the best weather, neither too cold nor too hot to avoid being susceptible to colds and for your child to have fun.

Weather in Northern Vietnam

The best time to come to Vietnam for your family trip is between September and November. This is the autumn time of the North, when the weather is cold, airy and not too hot. This is also the time when the scenery in your destinations is the most beautiful.

Central Vietnam

The rainy season in the North Central region lasts from July to October, and in the coastal area from October to December. Therefore, all visitors should arrange the most beautiful travel time plan from January to June.

Southern VietNam

Southern Vietnam is a vibrant and bustling place, so you should come here around April and May when the weather is early summer or late January to March when spring comes.

So what is the best time to go to Vietnam for a family trip? Each month has its own unique beauty in different regions, Vietnam always welcomes you to visit at any time, but if you want to experience the majestic scenery of all three regions, the most suitable time for you is from January to April. 

Destinations in Vietnam to travel with your family on a vacation

Vietnam is a country where beauty, charm, and diversity will astound you. Vietnam has anything for everyone, whether your interests are in culinary, culture, adventure, or leisure. You may learn about the past and present of the nation by visiting the vibrant cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You can take a trip around the tranquil Mekong Delta or the magnificent Halong Bay, where you can take in the native way of life and natural beauties.

And have you heard about Ninh Binh? There are hundreds of large and small limestone mountains covered by dense green trees, where you can take your family to explore the ancient capital of Hoa Lu and Trang An with 8 large and small caves and beautiful scenery.

Vietnam is a treasure trove of majestic landscapes and interesting experiences. If you are someone who likes a light, slow lifestyle or a crowded, busy urban lifestyle, go to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Or if you like to go to the beach, go to Nha Trang, Da Nang, Ha Long, Phu Quoc. If you are a mountain climber, try going to Sapa, Mai Chau.

This is also a great thing if you are traveling with children because they will be exposed to new cultures, cuisines and people. They will be able to see the big world and interesting things when traveling with their families. 

In order to have a complete and perfect trip to Vietnam, you could try tours of about Explore Vietnam’s Highlight In 8 Days or more in GADT travel which takes in Ha Noi, Ninh Bình, Ha Long, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta.

Transportation for Vietnam family vacations

The most convenient way to travel to Vietnam is via air. The price of your flight ticket will change from time to time, the price will be higher at golden times such as summer or new autumn-winter, you should consider the flight ticket before you go to estimate the right budget for your family trip. 

In Vietnam, you can travel by many means from the airport to your hotel. You can travel by bus at the airport, the advantage is that it will be very cheap, however, it will have some disadvantages such as: the bus station is a little far away and you will have to spend time to find it, the waiting time will also take a little more time, the bus will only stop at certain stations so you will have to book a taxi to return to your hotel. 

This will create some more problems if your driver is not knowledgeable in English. So you can book tour packages to avoid those problems, you can refer to our tour packages for private airport transfers, A/C Valves for travel to tourist destinations, and indispensable for an English-speaking tour guide. All of these will be included in the GADT Vietnam family tour package so you don’t have to worry about traveling anymore.

Research where to stay in Vietnam with family

Vietnam offers a wide range of family-friendly lodging options, from upscale hotels to inexpensive guest homes and hostels. Fortunately, most accommodations offer large, family-sized rooms, and children can frequently stay for free when using the existing bedding. Depending on the level of the hotel, which will vary in price, you should choose the hotels that fit your budget. It would be better if the hotel has a family room connecting the two rooms so that you can easily look after your children. 

Vietnam family tour hotel

You should look for hotels near the center of the city to facilitate travel and exploration and be crowded with local residents. There will be quite a lot of risks if you book the hotel yourself such as the hotel is too small, not cleaned up or the service is not as desired, so to avoid unnecessary risks you can book a tour with us, we will choose for you the best hotels in accordance with your requirements.

 This will be easy for you if you book Vietnam family tour packages and have the help of local experts with extensive travel experience. They will give you the best options for family travel to Vietnam.

Budget for your family journey in Vietnam

When traveling with your family, you probably still care the most about the budget for airfares, food, and transportation for the trip. So how much money should you bring for your family trip in Vietnam? 

The budget for the whole trip will be about $140 – $548, you need to plan for an additional domestic transportation fee of about $6 – $21

For those looking to save money, hostels and guesthouses are excellent options. These types of accommodation usually offer dormitory-style rooms or private rooms with shared bathrooms, and prices can range from as low as 6$ to 42$ per night.

Prices for mid-range hotels typically range from $30 to $60 per night, and they offer amenities such as private bathrooms, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

For travelers seeking more luxury, there are plenty of high-end hotels and resorts in Vietnam. These accommodations usually offer spacious rooms, top-notch facilities, and stunning views, with prices starting from 1000$ per night.

For food in Vietnam, you should expect from 5$ a day 

A round-trip flight to Vietnam usually ranges from 240$ to 480$, depending on factors such as flight time, airlines, and transit or direct flights. The distance between the cities, the airline, and the time of booking all affect how much a flight across Vietnam costs. Usually, a one-way ticket costs between 480$ and 960$. And you will have to spend a little more money to pay for food and shopping around. You can see all the details and review your budget at How much Vietnam trip cost from India.

What to bring for your Vietnam family vacation?

Carefully review the required documents before you go

You have to check it out carefully because these documents are very important when going to the plane. Avoid forgetting or losing a passport or visa of people in your family, so you should check a month and a few weeks before you go. You need to note that the visa must be valid for 6 months, and you need to check and check in before 15 days.

Verify again because not everyone will require a visa. Travelers can visit Vietnam for up to 15 days without one, and the UK is exempt. The majority of other nations must arrange it before they depart.

Pack your bags if you have young children with you

It is possible that children will feel homesick when they have to go to another country. So if your child has a favorite item, bring them, bring diapers, milk, sunscreen for them because sometimes the sun in Vietnam will be a bit harsh compared to them. You can also prepare some basic medicines such as abdominal pain medicine, cold medicine to prevent people in your family from getting sick because of sudden weather changes or anti-motion sickness medicine if you are a car sick person.

Phu Quoc vietnam family tour

You can learn some basic Vietnamese words

This is quite interesting when you go to another country. Although in Vietnam you can still communicate with local people in English, this will make your child feel more attractive and excited about this trip. Example: Hello = Xin chao, Thank you = Cam on, Sorry = Xin Loi, No, thank you = Khong, cam on.

You should bring your whole wardrobe because Vietnam does not say that there is a lack of beautiful scenery. Of course, remind you again to not forget the necessary documents such as visas, money that has been converted into VND or Dollars. And of course, a willing soul to explore Vietnam with family with GADT travel. GADT has Vietnam family tour packages for Explore Vietnam’s Highlight In 8 Days for your family to have the best experience in Vietnam with all of the popular places in Vietnam, enthusiastically local experts bring the best services to you . All you have to do is pick up your suitcase and go without worrying.