Top 5 most beautiful waterfall in Dalat

To Lam Vien plateau, visit the cool land of Lam Dong – Dalat, tourists not only see the flowers fields, endless pine hills but also admire the beauty of the white foam waterfalls here. Each waterfall is associated with beautiful legends, with wild and majestic charismatic beauty that seduces all visitors.

  1. Prenn Waterfall

Prenn is the warming greeting of Dalat to tourists
Prenn is the warming greeting of Dalat to tourists

It can be said Prenn waterfall is a beautiful natural gate that nature gives to the city of Dalat. IT is located on Prenn Hill, Highway 20 – the main road from Saigon to Da Lat, 10km from the city. The strong water flows down from the top to create countless bubbles of water covering the tourists as a message and bring a special feeling of freshness when immersing harmony with nature.

Down the Prenn Waterfall is a winding, sloping hillside, where you will go down to the house on stilts, the clouds over the stream, the huts on the tree, the embroidered rooms, etc. There are ethnic games, boating and ethnic music of Tay Nguyen. And do not forget to enjoy delicious fish porridge.

  1. Pongour Waterfall

This is one of the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls of the Central Highlands, where the local people call it the seven-storey cascade of cascading waterfalls through the 7-storey stone cascading system with the height of nearly 40m. The way to Pongour waterfall is quite peaceful and poetic. If going in October, you will catch a picture of the golden message blossoming, creating a curve into the waterfall with a beautiful yellow color to the surprise.

This is regarded as the most beautiful and majestic waterfall in Lam Dong province
This is regarded as the most beautiful and majestic waterfall in Lam Dong province

The 7-storey waterfall is surrounded by a primeval forest of about 2.5 hectares with rich and varied vegetation and a lot of ancient trees and wildlife animals. It creates a picture of real wild nature. With this waterfall, a long-held custom that is still maintained, it is on the first lunar month of January, which is an indispensable tourist destination of local people, as well as guests of the cross. Come here spring to wish to go to heaven. This is the time when people do not distinguish the background.  They exchange feelings and learn, love each other, under the dreamy, wild beauty of South Highlands.

There is a place in Vietnam having a lot of water but not waterfall. It has many islands and is a perfect destination (together with Dalat). Let’s find our in our Halong bay tour from Hanoi!

  1. Elephant Waterfall

Elephant Waterfall

Located in the town of Nam Ban, Lam Ha District, in the campus of Linh Phuoc pagoda, with a height of nearly 30 meters, this falls is day and night pouring white water onto the mysterious black stones lying under the falls as the back of the elephant are in deep water. Therefore, this falls is called the Elephant Falls.

Especially of this waterfall is the sound of melancholy mixed with chime tone temple early to create a miraculous sound to bring silence to the soul. Around the waterfall is a primeval forest with exotic caves, ancient trees lined with vines. In 2001, the Elephant Waterfall was recognized by the state as a national landscape.

  1. Datanla Waterfall

The center of Da Lat 5km, located in the Prenn Hill, from Highway 20 down 30 meters to a small valley, tourists will meet Datanla waterfall with attractive and bold wild. Put into operation since 2000, Datanla Waterfall is attracted by the clear water flowing through the seven rocky mountains and then flushed down with white foam.

Datanla waterfall

Come here, besides admiring waterfalls, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in adventure games such as climbing waterfall, over waterfall. At the foot of the falls, the Datanla Stream slows down, wriggling through the cliffs and into a deep pit called the “Death Valley” lying on either side of a 40m high cliff.

Besides, Datanla restaurant is located at the entrance of the house is designed in stilt style, roofed with a capacity of 150 guests, serving delicious food with beautiful scenery poetic and friendly. In addition to serving breakfast and lunch… the restaurant also serves meal for large group, buffet and gong music on request. In 1998, the falls were recognized as historical-cultural vestiges.

  1. Dambri Waterfall

Damri waterfall

At about 100km from Da Lat down, 200km from Ho Chi Minh City to go along Highway 20, Dambri is about 18km northeast of Bao Loc. Dambri in K’ho language means waiting. Waterfalls associated with the beautiful legend of the iron son of the young man for his love. This is the highest waterfall in Lam Dong with the height of over 40m, forming two extremely high flows.

There are 3 ways for visitors to conquer the walk is about 138 steps, take the elevator or experience the thrills with slider length 1,650m. On Sunny days, you can explore the beauty of primeval forests, participate in big games, set fire to camps … but if you come here on a rainy day, there is nothing more fun than sipping a cup of hot coffee, watching the mist as a thin blanket covered the forest and listening to lyrical songs about Da Lat.


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