Each country has its own cuisine. What about Cambodia? Of course! We are here to suggest you top 5 dishes in this country, which will help you a lot! Let’s check!

1. Fish Amok

Fish Amok is not only a traditional dish but also a typical dish of Cambodia. Therefore, when you come to Cambodia, you will have a lot of opportunities to enjoy this delicious dish in luxury restaurants, popular eateries or even street food stalls. The main ingredient of the fish dish Amok will of course be fish, but the type of fish used here is mainly freshwater fish. Fish will be removed from bone, chopped and mixed with coconut milk, eggs, fish sauce, palm sugar, chili …

Fish Amok - Top 5 dishes in Cambodia
Fish Amok – Top 5 dishes in Cambodia

2. Kuy Teav

Kuy teav can be found at restaurants in Vietnam and Thailand. However, the dish is said to come from Chinese people living in Cambodia. This is the synthesis of pork or beef broth, rice noodles, chives, green onions, bean sprouts. You can try other types such as shrimp noodles, beef pellets, and pig liver. Where to eat Kuy Teav and other dishes? Don’t worry, there are many popular restaurants in Cambodia!

Kuy Teav - Top 5 dishes in Cambodia
Kuy Teav – Top 5 dishes in Cambodia

3. Beef Loc Lac

Beef Loc Lac (occasionally, lok lak) is a superb expression of Cambodia’s recent colonial history and the imagined authenticity that is generally transferred by foreigners onto Asian food; an authenticity that is mirrored by the way that Khmer national culture itself is constructed. Loc Lac comes to Cambodia via Vietnam where it is named bo luc lac (literally, “shaking beef” in Vietnamese) and was most likely brought to Cambodia with the French colonisers rather than with the Vietnamese. It’s so delicious for sure, some famous restaurant in Phnom Penh serve Beef Loc Lac so let’s go!

Beef Loc Lac - Top 5 dishes in Cambodia
Beef Loc Lac – Top 5 dishes in Cambodia

4. Khmer Curry

Khmer curry also uses spices in the form of liquid or crushed to help the dish quickly absorb spices and taste better. However, with normal curries, the main ingredients will be chicken or pork, but the Khmer also use goat meat, crocodile, fish, … The accompanying additives also include potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots. Normal curry varieties. How to make Khmer red curry is very simple. The first is to clean the meat to ensure food safety. Then marinated meat with curry, onion, garlic, discharge, … Some other spices added by Cambodians such as red cashew, coconut milk, lemon grass.

Khmer Curry - Top 5 dishes in Cambodia
Khmer Curry – Top 5 dishes in Cambodia

5. Nom banh chok

Nom banh chok includes fresh vegetables, including banana flowers, papayas, lotus seeds, cowpea, myrtle, some herbs, mint leaves, lemon and chili. All are covered with big lotus leaves, the other end is covered with white fish curry sauce, fatty fleshy, rich sweet, radiating an attractive aroma. The brothused in Nom banh chok is the secret to the magic attraction of the dish. Khmer people in Cambodia see bank chok sauce as specialties used to treat precious guests to play house and is the main material for cooking broth in vermicelli dishes.

Nom banh chok - Top 5 dishes in Cambodia
Nom banh chok – Top 5 dishes in Cambodia

Moreover, there are many things to enjoy in Cambodia. You will be surprised, buddies!


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