Top 5 dishes of Laos cuisine

Laos, like many other countries in South East Asia, also has its separate cuisine. This country has much traditional food characterized each place. Thus, Laos cuisine has more and more abundance of special flavours deserved to try one time.

In Laos, fingers are used to eat sticky rice; and in some countryside, people usually gather together, sit on the floor and sharing dishes to connect all people together. Laos people have preferred food like fish, buffalo meat, pork, poultry… cooked dry, spicy and fragrant (with herbs, of course). And they think that cooking will be best when ingredients are still fresh, no preservative. Then, eaters will feel very rich in vegetables, coconut oil, meat…, which impress you as soon as you take a bite.

Laos cuisine is the blend of adhered countries surrounding such as Vietnam, Thailand. However, they change something to fit their tastes. Of many charming and attractive dishes, we kindly recommend you some following dishes that no one can decline on their trips to Laos:

  1. Kaipen (fried seaweed) with Jaew Bong 

Kaipen is a familiar snack, made of green algae, peppered with sesame seeds. After soaked with flavours made its savour, the maker will sundry into paper-thin sheets. It is stored away in rolls. When the Kaipen sheets will flash-fried in a pan and it’s really suitable to serve with jaew bong (chilli)


  1. Khao Piak Sen

Despite not being most typical breakfast of Vientiane, Khao Piak Sen is so popular as if it’s the first option. It’s easy to find in many sidewalk stalls. A full bowl of Khao Piak Sen is quite enough for a morning working or travelling. You can opt one of two main of broth: one of pork and the other of chicken. Below slices of meat with herbs flattered, it’s served with white noodle.


  1. Khao Soy – elite of Laos cuisine

Have a look at this photo and you can see awesome colours of a proportion of Khao Soy, which is made from the sauce of pork and tomato poured on top of the broth. A little of vegetables served with will balance flavours, which make you desire to try.


  1. Laos Sausage

You can call it as ‘sai oua’. This sausage is a great appetizer or any light meal during a day. It is just pork meat chopped, marinated and then, form as a hotdog before fry. After that, you can try it on a plate with lemon grass, lime leaves, shallots, galangal and flavoured with fish sauce. It’s quite familiar with Vietnam and some other countries but Laos people have created a new one, more typical for Laos cuisine, with the taste of herbs and additional flavours.

laos cuisine -sausage

  1. Khao Jee Sandwich (Baguette Sandwich)

Easily see stalls selling this sandwich on any street corners, Khao Jee (or baguette) is split in 0.5 and crammed with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, carrot, onion and cheese, moo yor (pork), sliced ham and screw-topped with pâté or condiment. Khao Jee sandwich is usually enjoyed with a cup of strong Laos coffee.


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