Top 6 Mekong Delta floating markets – Roaming on water

Coming to Mekong River Delta or western Vietnam, you can be amazed by the complicated systems of rivers and canals here. The local life attaches closely with water creating plenty of unique cultural features for the region. Floating markets are one of these where sellers and buyers use boats or canoes as means of transportation and yes as their stores. Mekong Delta floating markets are often held in the early morning at the intersection of canals and rivers when the water level is not too high or too low. They are not only places for trading agricultural products and many other items but also attract tourists to visit and explore the special lifestyle of western people. Ready to roam on the water with us?

1. Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho:

Cai Be - mekong delta floating markets
Cai Be floating market – Internet photo

This is the largest floating market in Mekong River Delta, taking place on Cai Rang River in Can Tho City and only 6 km from the city center. You can move to Ninh Kieu Wharf about 4 km from the market and the journey takes around 30 minutes by boat.

Cai Rang Floating Market usually meets from 3:00 AM – 9:00 AM so get up early to visit the market. During Tet Holiday, the market can open all day when we can see a hurry and bustling pace of life. Well-known as fruit gardens of Vietnam, coming to Cai Rang Market, you can enjoy a lot of famous and delicious fruits such as Vinh Long pomelos, Lai Vung tangerine, Cai Mon durian or Tra Vinh wax coconut. How about sitting and enjoying coffee on a floating market? Such an interesting experience.

Fruits at Cai Rang Market
Fruits at Cai Rang Market – Photo from

Let’s discover the local life in high water season in western Vietnam with us!

2. Cai Be Floating Market, Tien Giang – Top 6 Mekong Delta floating markets:

Cai Be is the second largest floating market among Mekong Delta floating markets after Cai Rang. This is located on Tien River, Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province, bordering with 3 provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre.

Cai Be - mekong delta floating markets
Cai Be – Internet photo

This market opens very early from late 2 AM to 8 AM. Cai Be is a place where fruits are transported to everywhere. Besides, you can also find clothes and household items there.

When roaming on the river, you can catch the street vendors selling pho, vermicelli, noodles. Having breakfast on the river and watching the bustling atmosphere of the morning market will bring us an exotic experience.

Cai Be
Cai Be market – Photo from kienthucdulich

3. Nga Bay Floating Market, Hau Giang:

Nga Bay floating market has another name of Phung Hiep floating market because it is located on the crossroad where seven rivers meet each other. Nga Bay is 75km from Hau Giang City and about 35km from Can Tho City center.

Nga Bay market - mekong delta floating markets
Nga Bay market – Internet photo

There are various items we can find at the market like fruits, vegetables or household items. Besides, Nga Bay also sell handicrafts or strange items including geckos, turtles, snakes, etc.

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4. Long Xuyen Floating Market, An Giang – Top 6 Mekong Delta floating markets:

This market was created by the needs of people in An Giang area, so that it is not as busy as other floating markets. It also sells a full range of products to meet the locals’ needs. However, Long Xuyen is not less attractive to tourists.

Long Xuyen market – Internet photo

If you want to enjoy a peaceful, wild and Western market, this is the right choice as the market still retains the pristine characteristics of the western region. People here are very friendly and hospitable.

5. Tra On Floating Market, Vinh Long:

Tra On is a floating market located on the downstream of Hau River with a length of over 300 m, only 250 m from Tra On and is one of the longest existing floating markets in the West.

This market can be considered as a wholesale market, trading with a large number of items such as purple yam, sweet potato, cucumber, bitter melon, Tan Thanh orange, Luc Si Thanh durian, etc.

Let’s try some specialties right on the market: burnt fish, beef noodle soup and listen to the bold melodies da co hoai lang (the midnight drum reminds me of you). You can learn more about the musical style of western Vietnam in Cao Van Lau Theater in Bac Lieu Province.

6. Nga Nam Floating Market, Soc Trang – Top 6 Mekong Delta floating markets:

This is also one of the famous floating markets in the West, in Nga Nam Town, Nga Nam District, Soc Trang Province and located at the intersection of 5 rivers: Ca Mau, Vinh Quoi, Thanh Tri, Long My and Phung Hiep.

Nga Nam market - mekong delta floating markets
Nga Nam market – Photo from truyenhinhdulich

The market operates almost throughout the day and supports greatly to the exchange of goods for 3 provinces of Soc Trang, Hau Giang and Bac Lieu.

This Mekong Delta floating market still retains its original feature and soul of the western part. Visitors can see a lot of boats selling porridge, noodles or pho. Besides, we can buy famous rice and seafood here such as shrimp, crabs and fish.

Nga Nam market
Nga Nam market – Photo from VNAT

Mekong Delta floating markets are outstanding feature of the western Vietnam and become a highlight part in every Mekong journey. If you need more insights about the region, please contact us via our:

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Wish you have a great time travelling to Vietnam!

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