Top 10 night coffee shops in Da Lat, Vietnam

Top 10 night coffee shops in Da Lat, Vietnam

Well-known for its ideal weather during the year, Da Lat attracts a huge wave of tourists to visit every time during the year. 24 hours a day seem not to be enough to explore such a wonderful city. If you are limited to one day in the city of love, however, let make use of every moment you have in this city, even at night. Spending your time relaxing and pampering yourselves in fantastic night coffee shops in Da Lat can be a wonderful choice. This list of top 10 night coffee shops in Da Lat is made based on the following criteria: unique setting and atmosphere, “cool” drinks, easy to head to nearby tourist attractions. All promise to bring you memorable experience with this romantic city. Check out our top 10 night coffee shops in Da Lat below:

  1. Me Linh Coffee Garden Da Lat:

Taking the first position in the list of night coffee shops in Da Lat is Me Linh Café Da Lat. This café has been widely well-known thanks to its perfect view and has become very popular with many visitors. Me Linh Café Da Lat is located right next to the sunflower field and the brassicaceae field and buckwheat flower field. The spectacular views will induce anyone to become a photographer.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Me Linh Café Da Lat

Surrounding Me Linh Café is a small coffee farm with Cam Ly Lake in the front. To get here, you have to cross 20km from the city center, keep the steering wheel over Ta Nung Pass and then run into provincial road 725.

Opening hours: Me Linh Coffee Garden Da Lat opens from 7:00 – 22:00

Address: Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung

  1. Memory Café Da Lat:

Memory Café Da Lat features with nostalgic look with the charming purple horse carriage. This coffee shop has a corridor overlooking beautiful monasteries. All bring a retro feeling to visitors.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Memory Café Da Lat

When in here, remember to try out some kinds of noodles, Tho rice (Cơm Thổ) which are those specialties of the city. More interestingly, in the evening visitors will be served with impressive acoustic performance.

Opening hours: Memory Café Da Lat opens from 7:00 – 22:00

Address: 24 Hung Vuong Street

  1. Bich Cau Café Da Lat:

Coming next in the list of night coffee shops in Da Lat is Bich Cau Café which is one of the beautiful cafés located right in the middle of Xuan Huong Lake, opposite the city flower park. When visiting the café, you will feel like wandering into a green space with various wonderful flowers and trees.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Bich Cau Café Da Lat

Opening hours: Bich Cau Café Da Lat opens from 6:00 – 23:00

Address: Ward 1, opposite the city flower park

  1. Up Café Da Lat:

We explore the next coffee shops in Da Lat with Up Café Da Lat. This café is located on Trieu Viet Vuong, close to Bao Dai Palace III. From Up Café, you can admire the panoramic view of Da Lat city.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Up Café Da Lat

Up Café has 3 floors, decorated in vintage and eye-catching style. When in Up, you can both enjoy a clean, beautiful view and unique and delicious drinks.

Opening hours: Up Café opens from 7:30 – 22:30

Address: 7 Trieu Viet Vuong

  1. An Café Da Lat:

An Café is designed in an elegant and rustic style located right on the Street 3/2. Taking a drink and watching people walking on the street will bring you a relaxing time and make you live a bit slower to explore other less busy side of the city.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
An Café Da Lat

There are 3 Prunus cerasoides trees in An Café attracting plenty of tourists to visit there every day. Especially in spring, the romantic view of An Café brings about lots of Instagram-inducing photo moments.

Opening hours: An Café opens from 6:00 – 22:00

Address: 63 Bis, Street 3/2, Ward 1

  1. Windmill 9 Café Da Lat:

Sit right in the heart of Da Lat city, Windmill 9 Café is one of four chains of the famous brand of Winmill coffee shop. With perfect location overlooking through wonderful view of Hoa Binh slope and the central market, Windmill 9 Café promises to satisfy any visitors. The coffee shop is designed in modern style, decorated with wooden furniture, many eye-catching flower pots and bonsai.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Windmill 9 Café Da Lat

One more interesting fact about Windmill 9 Café is, Windmill has now developed its own coffee brands with the fresh and clean ingredients taking from its farm. The choice for drinks here is not various but the price offered is very reasonable.

Opening hours: Windmill 9 Café opens from 7:30 – 22:00

Address: 133 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, Da Lat

  1. Doha Café Da Lat:

The list of top night coffee shops in Da Lat can not miss out Doha Café Da Lat which has an ideal location in the heart of the city square. Doha Café is located in the beautiful flower buds – symbol of Da Lat city. Until now, people are still discussing whether it is Atiso flower or a rose bud. Enjoying a cup of coffee in such a gorgeous space can appeal any visitors to stay here for long. Doha Café is decorated with modern style.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Doha Café Da Lat – Photo from blog

From Doha Café, you can overlook to Xuan Huong Lake, the central square and markets nearby. The drinks here are quite delicious but rather higher as reviewed by many visitors. The unique design and ideal location of this coffee shop can make up for it.

Opening hours: Doha Café opens from 6:30 – 23:00

Address: Lam Vien Square, 2 Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 10

  1. Panorama Café Da Lat:

Panorama is the first cafeteria in Trai Mat pass which has beautiful view of the flower village of Thai Phien – Nam Ho. Currently, this chain has 3 more cafes: Romantic, Lamp Valley (Thung Lũng đèn) and Happy Farm (Nông Trại vui vẻ). It is the delicious drinks that Panorama Café is more and more beloved by visitors and becomes the familiar stop for many tourists.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
City view from Panorama Café Da Lat

The special offer of Panorama Café is Cau Dat arabica coffee featured with light and sour taste and exquisite fragrance. Sitting in the shop on the cold winter days, watching the high hills, gorgeous valleys and taking Cau Dat arabica coffee sip will make it hard for you to leave such a nice place.

Opening hours: Panorama Café Da Lat opens from 7:00 – 21:00

Address: Trai Mat, Ward 11

  1. Train Café Da Lat:

Train Café is located in the ancient villas under the management of the Vietnam Railway Corporation. This coffee shop neatly sits in the old train carriage colored in warm-wooden gold. Making the uniqueness for this ancient villa is the nearby train carriage belonging to the in the 1910s, and now has been rebuilt into a very elegant café.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Train Café Da Lat

In general, the style of Train Café is more suitable for foreigners. There are many snacks there such as pasta, pizza, hamburger and other delicious Western dishes.

Opening hours: Train Café Da Lat opens all day.

Address: 1 Quang Trung, Ward 9

  1. Da Lat Night Café:

We complete the list of top 10 night coffee shops in Da Lat with Da Lat Night Café. This café sitting on the hill at Dong Da Street has a very nice view. Taking a cup of coffee watching the sunrise in the morning here is very interesting, but the most beautiful scene comes at night. You will admire the stunning city sparkling at night with various lights.

night coffee shops in Da Lat
Da Lat Night Café

The café has a view down to Da Lat city. More interestingly, it is said that, if you can see two intertwined hearts, you will find your true love then.

Opening hours: Da Lat Night Café opens from 8:00 – 22:00

Address: 4 Dong Da, Ward 3

Da Lat can induce any tourist to soon fall in love with it. The reason lies in abundance activities the city offers to visitors, the unique weather it brings out and the perfect atmosphere to enjoy nightlife that all promise to fulfill every minute you have here. With this Top 10 night coffee shops in Da Lat, we hope you now can add more choices to your things to do list in Da Lat. For more useful information, check out our related posts below:

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