Top things to do in Hanoi in Autumn?

September is the first month of Autumn. There is not much sunlight like June or July. Hanoi wears a new coat that is gentle and attractive, bringing a different beauty. So it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the World. Then, what’s interesting about traveling in September? With us, discover unique features and top things to do in Hanoi, a capital of thousands of years of civilization.

1. The unique weather to consider top things to do in Hanoi.

top things to do in Hanoi
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Autumn is the most romantic time of the year, usually lasts from early September to November. This is also an appropriate time for the Hanoians, who go away to return or first-time visitors to the land of this dream capital to fully enjoy this special features of Hanoi….

The weather in September is not too noisy and not deserted. It is felt first and foremost in the cool air, the light rays of the sun and the chill mingle create a pleasant feeling. Very suitable for tours to explore this capital. Tourists can walk around the city by joining a Hanoi Day Tour, trying tasty Autumn food in a Hanoi Food Tour, to see the scenery of Vietnam’s capital. Enjoy the slow pace of life in the capital these days.

top things to do in Hanoi
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Autumn lingers in the heart of visitors with the faint scent of milk flower. Blending with the wind to spread across the streets in the sunny autumn days. Arousing people with unforgettable memories and images of Hanoi .

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2. What’s interesting to travel in autumn?

Hanoi probably was too dear to the Vietnamese people. The capital city whenever it is mentioned is so many landmarks, elegant monuments with cultural beauty, attractive specialties. Therefore, this is a great tourist destination for those who want to explore the ancient beauty of the Old Quarter, or noise of busy streets.

TOP Autumn destinations.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and One Pillar Pagoda.
top things to do in Hanoi
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Visiting Hanoi, the first place you should visit is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This is destination that tourists, especially Vietnamese people always want to visit to respect the old Father of the nation, famous people chemical world, people have created a Vietnamese nation as it is now. If you visit Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, you will have to follow this sequence: Uncle’s Mausoleum – Fish Pond – Nha San – Ho Chi Minh Museum – One Pillar Pagoda to admire the whole beautiful scenery.

Note: when visiting Uncle Ho mausoleum must be polite. Opening hours from 8am to 11pm, open all days of the week except Monday and Friday.

Sword Lake (Hồ Hoàn Kiếm).
top things to do in Hanoi
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Visiting Hanoi, you cannot miss a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. You will see many historical monuments such as turtle towers, Ngoc Son temple, The Huc bridge, …

Especially, the night on the shores of the lake shimmering with sparkling lights. Watching the lake drinking tea cup of soup. Enjoying the famous cool Trang Tien ice cream sticks with friends and relatives is nothing more interesting and happy.

Hanoi Old Quarter.
top things to do in Hanoi
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This is one of the must-see places when traveling to Hanoi in September. Old Quarter is the most typical feature in Hanoi with the very ancient architecture, is one of the important historical factors of the formation and development of Thang Long. It also preserves historical cultural values, lifestyles and is a typical symbol of a traditional urban area.

When walking along the streets, do not forget to visit Dong Xuan Market, Ngo Dong Xuan, Bach Ma Temple, O Quan Chuong or 87 Ma May houses, which are famous and attractive spots in Old Quarter. In addition, coming to the neighborhood you can also enjoy the famous sidewalk delicacies that are very famous such as Pho Ly Quoc Su, Hang Buom noodles, spring rolls, La Vong grilled fish….

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3. Hanoi specialties in Autumn.

Coming to Hanoi in September fall, besides enjoying the scenic flowers, you can also enjoy many delicious autumn specialties. Hanoi gifts of autumn must be mentioned first is Com. Com is made from young glutinous rice grains, which are pressed into milk, roasted and ready to be removed for husks. The famous place to sell Com in the capital is Vong village (Dich Vong Hau – Cau Giay).

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Another typical gift of autumn is persimmons. Today, everything is grown year-round, but we still have to wait until the right season to enjoy it. Crispy pink soaked, cool, slightly acrid is also a favorite fruit and used to display the tray of moon cakes. Ripe red roses, charming, soft sweet are also attractive to eaters.

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In addition to the above specialties, you can also spend time to enjoy famous Hanoi delicacies such as Pho, bun cha, bun, Ho Tay shrimp cake, Trang Tien ice cream, vermicelli with shrimp sauce, Thanh Tri rolls, Cha Ca La Vong,…

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