Markets in Sapa – Unique Local of Sapa Trip

Going to Sapa but not visiting the local markets in Sapa, you have missed the most interesting thing here. Together we discover the most unique markets in Sapa with many amazing things below! Let’s read!

1. Can Cau Buffalo Market – Weekend Markets In Sapa.

Named as Can Cau buffalo market because this fair usually meets on Saturday every week at Chu Su Lam slope, in Can Cau commune. In this market, the market is selling cattle such as buffaloes, cows and pigs. However, buffaloes are still sold much and are most popular so they are called Can Cau buffalo market. After the harvest season ends, everyone goes to the market like go to the festival. Most of the buffalo market in Can Chon is mostly tourists and ethnic people here such as H’Mong, Giay.

Time: Every Saturday morning.

Can Cau - local markets in Sapa
Can Cau market in Sapa
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Can Cau market - local markets in Sapa
Can Cau market – buffalo market in Sapa
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2. Cao Son Sapa Market:

Cao Son Market is located in Cao Son commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai. To go to Cao Son market, there are many different ways. But the way that tourists are most interested in is going on a river cruise to admire the river and the majestic Northwest forest. Unlike other markets in Sapa, Cao Son market only meets on Wednesdays.
Cao Son Market sells many different items from utensils to eating and wearing. Every activity of buying and selling in the market is always extremely busy and fun. The interference of the identity of a number of ethnic groups living in riverside villages has created a colorful view in Cao Son market every week.

CNN has claimed Sapa as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam.

Time: Every Wednesday morning.

Cao Son - local markets in Sapa
Cao Son market in Sapa
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3. Bac Ha Market – Famous Local Market In Sapa

Bac Ha fair is considered a big fair in the fair in Sapa. Along the way you will be able to check-in full of wonderful pictures of nature here. On the way you will also meet ethnic groups who are bringing goods to the market very happily.
Bac Ha Market is a place to sell specialties in the Northwest highlands and necessary items in the house. In addition, the areas selling jewelry, dresses and decorations also attracted many women. You will have to admire the steps of hand-crafted paintings with many different eye-catching colors.

If you are new, you should read detailed Bac Ha market experience.

Time: Every Sunday morning.

Bac Ha market in Sapa - local markets in Sapa
Bac Ha market in Sapa
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Bac Ha market
Bac Ha market in Sapa
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4. Coc Ly Market Sapa – One Big Local of Markets In Sapa.

Belonging to Coc Ly town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai, there is an extremely busy Coc Ly market meeting held every Tuesday. At the fair, it is divided into many different trading areas such as other markets in Sapa. Each area is traded in a variety of unique and unique goods of each ethnic group. The market is quite unique and is located right next to the suspension bridge across the river, attracting many tourist lenses. Here you can meet a lot of minorities, who you can meet in ethnic villages in Sapa. If you have the opportunity to visit Sapa, don’t miss this bustling Coc Ly market!

Time: Every Tuesday morning.

Coc Ly - local markets in Sapa
Coc Ly market in Sapa
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5. Muong Hum Market:

Most local markets in Sapa will be held in mountainous areas. But Muong Hum market is located right under the small valley. With surrounding mountains are the same message. The market is also located beside a small stream of clear blue water all year round. The market is often the place to meet, exchange and trade of many ethnic people around here. If you are a nature lover, love the mountains and mountains, please visit this beautiful Muong Hum market. Here is like a beautiful aqua painting with untouched features. You can buy a lot of souvenirs to bring home!

Time: Every Sunday.

Muong Hum
Muong Hum market in Sapa
(Photo: Internet)
Muong Hum - local markets in Sapa
Muong Hum market in Sapa
(Photo: Internet)

So what should you do now? Take your belongings and reach Sapa now!

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