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Updated July, 2022

Northern Vietnam consists of 25 provinces divided into 3 small territories including the Northwest, the Northeast and the Red River Delta. Known as a tourist land area by many domestic and international tourists such as: Fansipan peak in the misty Sapa city, Ha Long Bay of Quang Ninh, Moc Chau Son La plateau, valley of love in Ninh Binh or modernity of Hanoi capital. Moreover, Vietnamese specialties are also one of the important factors attracting tourists every year when coming to the North. Let’s explore specialties of Northern Vietnam with Gadt Travel.


1. Dried buffalo meat – Famous Northwest “character” in Vietnam specialties.

Vietnam specialties
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The kitchen buffalo meat is too famous for Vietnamese people. Dried buffalo meat, dotted with seeds, lemon, and drinking beer is extremely flavorful. You can find buffalo meat is one of Vietnam specialties in Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Dien Bien and Yen Bai provinces. Northwest Buffalo kitchen meat is made from fresh and delicious buffalo meat. Then, seasoned with lemongrass, chili, garlic, ginger, chopped nuts and cooked from kitchen smoke. When eating, you will feel tough, sweet but not too dry.

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2. Lam rice – A delicious Northwest dish from upland sticky rice.

Vietnam specialties
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Going to the Northwest mountainous region, do not forget to enjoy Lam rice. Lam rice is sold in Ha Giang, Sapa, Lao Cai, Hoa Binh … Northwestern rice is from the most delicious upland rice and cooked in cork tubes, bamboo tubes lined with banana leaves, algae leaves. Then taken away Grilled. Tay Bac rice is not only flexible but also very fragrant.

3. Quang Ninh Squid Spring Roll – Quang Ninh specialties has a sea flavor.

Vietnam specialties
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If you come to Quang Ninh beach, don’t forget to buy Quang Ninh squid as a gift for your family. Unlike normal squid spring rolls, Quang Ninh spring rolls have the crunchy aroma of fresh squid. Crafted by Quang Ninh people from choosing to buy raw material of large-sized cuttlefish that is still alive until pounded by hand and then molded. pieces. Ha Long squid rolls brought back as a daily dish for family meals are very delicious.

4. Lotus tea – Hanoi special drink as a gift for your guests of Vietnam specialties.

Vietnam specialties
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Vietnamese people often have the habit of enjoying tea. Vietnamese tea drinking culture has existed for a long time. Taking tea for guests is a sign of respect. In particular, lotus tea, especially Hanoi west lake lotus tea, is preferred as a gift. They make West Lake lotus tea from lotus grown in West Lake, when mixed with a mild aroma. That’s why it’s more intense than other types of lotus tea.

5. Shan Lung wine – The taste of ethnic liquor only in Lao Cai specialties.

Vietnam specialties
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Shan Lung wine is a Lao Cai specialty from the Red Dao people in Shan Lung village, Ban Meo commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. It is from the source of Shan Lung mountain stream at an altitude of 900m. Next, made with Shan Lung rice fields mixed with sorghum seeds and traditional herbal yeast. Shan Lung wine has a sweet and slightly numb flavor, smells of yeast and has the same flavor as Van village sticky rice.

6. Corn wine – A familiar name of Vietnam specialties.

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Made from corn, but the specialties of the Northwest specialties are very intoxicating. Northwest corn wine is made of more than 30 types of tobacco leaves, source water and upland maize. So it has a different spicy and sweet flavor than corn wine in the plains. This will be the northern specialty as a gift for beloved husband.

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7. Dry apricot (Ô mai) – A delicious dish of the North for women.

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Ô Mai is the snack of many women. Some of the most famous and popular types of them in the North are Hong Lam, Pho Co, and Hang Duong. It taste sour, spicy, salty sweet. Ô Mia have more than 10 categories such as: apricot, plum, ginger apricot, star fruit, lemon, kumquat, peach, tamarin… However, if you want to buy them – one of Vietnam specialties, you should buy dracontomelon apricot. This is also a specialty of Hanoi capital.


These are just some of the most famous Northern specialties, there are many other specialties too. So, to understand more about Vietnam specialties, don’t forget to follow GoAsiaDayTrip for the latest news.

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